Stage DDS                                                - DAD DesignDDS DAD Design Stage DTT                                                - DAD TestingDTT DAD Testing

Stage DCO - DAD Construction

Step 0100 - Prepare Construction Plan and Environment
Step 0200 - Acquire Components
Step 0300 - Generate Code
Step 0400 - Construct Presentation Layer
Step 0500 - Construct Business Object Layer
Step 0600 - Construct Persistent Object Layer
Step 0700 - Construct Data Access Layer & Interfaces
Step 0800 - Construct Application Support Layer
Step 900 - Coordinate with Network Architecture
Step 1000 - Prepare System for Deployment
Process Flow
Templates for this Process
Templates for this Stage


In the Construction stage you code and build all structures and components of the application, according to a Construction Plan which you should assemble at the start of the stage. Testing at the individual component and integrated component group levels must take place in parallel with the construc...

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Process Flow



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