Stage DDD                                                - DW Detail DesignDDD DW Detail Design Stage DTP                                                - DW Transition to ProductionDTP DW Transition to Production

Stage DIM - DW Implementation

Step 0100 - Configure Development/Test Environment
Step 0200 - Prepare Test Data
Step 0300 - Create and Test Source Data Programs
Step 0400 - Load and Test Data
Step 0500 - Develop Refresh Programs
Step 0600 - Configure User Access
Step 0700 - Create Metadata Repository
Step 0800 - Define and Test Queries
Step 0900 - Conduct System Testing
Step 1000 - Implement and Test Support Processes
Process Flow
Templates for this Process
Templates for this Stage


Once the Planning and Design stages are complete, the project to implement the current Data Warehouse iteration can proceed quickly. Necessary hardware, software and middleware components are purchased and installed, the development and test environment is established, and the configuration managem...

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Process Flow




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