Practical Project Planning


Michael Wood lays out 30+ years of experience in the trenches in this one-of-a-kind presentation. He shows you how to focus on business objectives, write practical project plans, cope with changing priorities, deliver continuous and effective communication, build confidence in your project management abilities, and most important...make it all look easy.

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Some slides used in this video may not be entirely legible on screen so it is best to download the powerpoint file and follow along.

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Excellent presentation Mr. Wood.


Perfect to understand the project planning.


Vijyeta Couldn't agree more


Real life examples show the experience and dedicational efforts. Changing viewpoint of others could enhance experience and knowledge.


Good presentation delivered well. Plenty of real life examples and tips on how to avoid common pitfalls.


Quiet a valuable presentation and great speaker too


Extremely informative with practical examples that put project management efforts into perspective. I like this down to earth approach with insights you can relate to from real world experiences.


You proceed through this course, you will learn new procedures and techniques that will improve your project management skills.


Your presentation was execellent. I particularly appreciated the practical lessons from your experiences that are not found in books. I look forward to your next presentation.


There are two ways of spreading light: to be the candle or the mirror that reflects it.

- Edith Wharton



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