The Art of War for Project Managers


Dave Prior explains how to use the teachings in Sun Tzu's masterpiece for success at work. While this presentation is geared towards in your role as a project manager, many of the lessons can be applied in other facets of day-to-day life to help you subtly manipulate a situation towards a desired outcome.

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Wow!! How simply he conveyed the message. Nice presentation. Hope to apply in real life job


Excellent techniques leading you to state harmony in project context or even in daily human settings..


Rather than an "armed conflict" war could be seen as a "contest of wills." The goal is to assert one's will and thwart that of another. Planning is hence the rehearsal of various conceivable scenarios. The secret lies in the ability of the respective participants to draw insights from their rehearsals. In this context Edge of Tomorrow with Tom Cruise provides good lessons on learning and improving performance through a number of iterations (rehearsal).

"Manipulation" is a win-lose approach. In contrast, 'incentive" is win-win. As long as you're making sure that your counterparts enjoy benefits from going along with your intentions, you're incentivizing, not manipulating.

The most important rule is probably to know your counterpart and know yourself. This is the area where most people will be weak.

For further research recommend studying "social physics." Although this is conceptually a fairly ancient field, it is enjoying a renaissance with the advent of "big data" as we devise tools to take advantage of this resource.


Good stage presence. Well rehearsed and presented lecture. Thanks for the inspiration.


Well presented. Contains very useful points for help improve project delivery success.


Great presentation. i'll buy the book definitively!


Simply a great presentation. I liked the example "Be like Water", when Dave played with his water bottle and mapped the idea with the projects.


Great presentation!


Excellent presentation, good job.


widely applicable to life as well as project management.


Excellent presentation. It gives good knowledge to PMs


Dave does a great job of applying Sun Tzu's tools and techniques into practical ways to improve project management. Mapping the terminology to the business environment and project management perspective really opened my eyes. I will definitely be thinking through these principles, and using them, from now on.


War:document, communicate and administ key project management processes within the project team and across the company...


Great presentation, with excellent principles which open your mind and can be used in every day life aswell as project management


"When authorities warn you of the sinfulness of sex, there is an important lesson to be learned. Do not have sex with the authorities."

- Matt Groening