Align Project Management with Organizational Strategy


It is the projects that an organization undertakes that determine its strategy. Without a tie to execution, a company's stated strategy is no more than words on paper. Join Jennifer Russell in this video presentation to learn about how to use strategic planning in the execution of your projects and turn vision into reality.

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Muy interesante


Overall, good presentation well delivered. I did, however, find the material to be a bit short on specifics and a bit long on "real life" examples.


It's a good presentation on strategy. She is a very good presenter.


This is great presentation...


what shall we really care about?


Interesting and valuable presentation and great speaker.


This was GREAT! Should be required viewing for every project and program manager to understand the linkage between strategy and execution. If more PMs are aware of this and use it to drive their projects we'd be able to do a little better than the results we see in things like the CHAOS studies. The last minute or so of the video alone is worth the price of admission.


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this is just info not PDU


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