Corporate Social Responsibility and the Project Manager


Jennifer Russell moves past the current CSR fads and explains why you, as a project manager, should be concerned with corporate social responsibility. Learn how responsible and sustainable projects have a real impact on the success of your projects, your business, and ultimately your career.

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Very informative and interesting contents in this presentation , though the video quality is not up to the mark. Thanks Jennifer for sharing.


Great overall presentation; what appealed to me the most was the brief touch on sustainability.. interestingly that subject has deeper roots today -almost 7 years later - wonder why there were no such mainstream discussions and at wider scale on this subject in 2001 (7yrs prior to this presentation).. funny how time also evolves our perspectives & perceptions :=)


Interesting concepts and very good delivery. On the other hand, it is very curious how things have change since 2008.


Good content and interesting concepts.


I think a lot has changed since 2008 when this was presented. I am curious how this presentation would change if delivered in 2013.


Interesting concepts. I located one of the CSR rating sites that Jennifer mentioned and looked up my own company's ratings,


Good delivery and the content is OK, but I do fundamentally disagree with the whole premise of Corporate Social Responsibility. I think Milton Freedman was right - CSR is a nonsense. Corporations can not and do not have social responsibilities, people do! Milton Freedman, a warm and carrying man and a brilliant economist (regardless of the fact whether ones agrees or disagrees with his theories), was often misunderstood and vilified. Anyway, I think most of the examples made in the presentation hold true, but need to be interpreted differently - those corporations pursued their own (shareholder) interests and in the process created unintended (or sometimes intended) positive consequences. Apparently, this is how free and open markets work :)


Good content and a lot of material. Seemed geared more for larger organizations.


I would also like to have a power point presentation for this video. Good Stuff otherwise...


I would like to have the powerpoint presentation to refer to during the video while Jennifer Russell is talking. I will be watching it again.


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