Scrum in the Waterfall


Just because you are working in a waterfall organization doesn't mean you can't be Agile. Join Dave Prior as he walks you through a case study on implementing Scrum in a waterfall environment. He offers some key practices and data points that will enable you to be successful in both keeping the team productive and providing the information needed to build trust and confidence with the Project Sponsors and Senior Executives you need to support your Agile implementation.

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A very thorough and impressive presentation.


Very nice! Great job with 3 point Pert approach and the communication work!




Very Good Presentation with a practical solution of the scrum.


Very good presentation.


Good presentation. Lots of valueable Information with regard to reporting in a classical environment and how to do it when actually using agile/scrum.


Very good presentation. Very useful recommendations related to how to report on traditional project environments.


Good Presentation


Good presentation and good recommendations


It's always interesting to see how others estimate, adapt, and report. This is helpful for determining how to present to managers on certain types of projects where traditional progress tracking metrics are expected. Thank you Dave for putting this together.


Good stuff! A true real life example that gets to the bottom of "wants vs. needs" and the ways to manage various relationships.

Good explaination of how to bridge the gap between waterfall and scrum


This is a nice informative presentation


Good presentation. Fairly concise with good examples. I addition to having the tools to communicate you must understand what your stackholder needs are and how they want them met.


Good recommendations on how to bridge the divide between agile work and traditional reporting.


This is good info and a valuable presentation


the project manager has to be a diplomat, a politician, a trouble-shooter, a force keep the entire team productive and the lines of communication open.


"I'll do the stupid thing first and then you shy people follow..."

- Frank Zappa