PMXPO2011 The Hard Work of Mastering Soft Skills: Take Your Leadership to the Next Level


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Are you able to consistently deliver, on time and within budget, projects that meet or exceed stakeholders' expectations? Today's organizations expect project managers to have a strong set of soft skills to compliment their use of innovative methodologies and project tools. This webcast will present the top six soft skills leaders need today to manage their projects more effectively, power tips to promote project success and three leadership tips for action. This presentation will offer value to private and public sector project managers, project management office directors, public sector executives and consultants in the public sector. Bring along your questions!

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Thank you for your prompt response and the links.

Kind Regards


This presentation is a few years old and I just finished a blog series in collaboration with SensiblePM to help aspiring Project Managers go from good to great. You can earn PDUs and learn listening to the podcast, reading blog posts with links to tool including the personal development plan (action plan).

Aspiring PM Podcast Series:

Transform from Project Manager to Project Leader Blog Series:

All the best,
Naomi Caietti, CEO and Managing Editor


Hi, very excited about your presentation. Can you please confirm the exact website address for the personal development plan? Thank you.

Great content Naomi. A quick recap like these help in finding things in busy daily work.


Thanks for the feedback; glad to hear that this topic has resonated with many in the community. Bharati you can search this site for more resources on emotional intelligence in the form of articles, webinars and discussions.

All the best,

Naomi Caietti, CEO/Managing Editor


Excellent presentation. You had briefly touched on the topic of Emotional intelligence. Where can I get more information on this topic or have you given a presentation on this topic, if so I would like to hear that.Thanks!



excellent, thanks for sharing



The necessity of soft-skills/leadership is finally receiving the attention necessary for project management success. Thank you for your insights and thoughts.


Thanks for sharing!


Great Presentation. It brought up many good points to make yourself a better leader. Mentors are in short supply; have never really found any to mentor me. However I do take the time to mentor other whenever possible.


The very usefule and clear way for developing one of the most difficult skills needed in project management.


very good presentation


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