PMXPO2011 Transformation: Agile Hits Ground in the Organization


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Agile, Lean, ToC...these concepts are gaining industry acceptance and increased popularity. Introduced as pure process changes to project teams, organizations quickly learn that there is much more to "becoming agile" or "becoming lean" than introducing a daily meeting or a different set of steps. The result: Fizzled transitions with less-than-stellar results when the impacts of these changes on the overall system are overlooked.

"Partial implementation of a holistic solution is an oxymoron" touts Eli Goldratt. If we optimize a product development team, what else has to change to realize the real benefits? Understanding this concept and being ready to answer it for your organization can mean the difference between an effective transition and a fizzled introduction of a new set of buzzwords; the difference between true realization of the benefits of lean and agile and only mediocre results and reversion to old ways. The answer likely will impact much more than you might think from reading popular books and articles, or from going through a two-day training course. The lessons can be applied to both projects and change initiatives.

With experience introducing and sustaining large scale change initiatives focused on agile, lean, and related concepts, George will introduce the story of a fizzled transition, and then share guidance and real examples of the true scope of a successful transition towards agility.

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Good One!


i like
it so i'll repeat it again in future ...


"If a man will begin with certainties, he shall end in doubts; but if he will be content to begin with doubts, he shall end in certainties."

- Francis Bacon