The Agile PMO: Business Alignment Without Bureaucracy

December 3, 2009 12:00 AM EST (UTC-5)

Many PMOs are seeking to embrace agile techniques and approaches. But how do you go about embracing agile while at the same time preserving the traditional approaches to PMO setup and bodies of knowledge for managing projects? This webinar will provide:

  • PMO Set-Up – Issues & Techniques
  • PMO Set-Up – Case study
  • PMO Set-Up – Recommendations
  • PMO Support – Technology prerequisites for Agile transformation

This presentation discusses real world practitioner experiences in PMO set-up and supporting technology to enable Agile adoption.

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"Nearly every great advance in science arises from a crisis in the old theory, through an endeavor to find a way out of the difficulties created. We must examine old ideas, old theories, although they belong to the past, for this is the only way to understand the importance of the new ones and the extent of their validity."

- Albert Einstein

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