Project HEADWAY: Low Impact PM: How Can We Get Out From Under All That Paper?

August 16, 2012 12:00 AM EDT (UTC-4)

There are times that a project manager feels that the only thing they do is fill out forms. Templates, logs, reports, minutes and deliverables can dominate our day, and certainly can take over our workload. The more control that we try to establish, and the more we attempt to be on top of everything in our project, the greater the paperwork and documentation that seems to go with it.

So what is a project manager to do? How can we get out from the mammoth load of paper that threatens to overwhelm our desks and our minds? Is there a way to minimize the paper madness, and restore our roles to a semblance of manageability, where we can feel that what we are doing is value added, useful and productive? And what is the essential documentation that is necessary to manage a project appropriately?

In this webinar, Mark Mullaly explores the challenges of managing our way out from under the mounds of documentation that represent our projects. He identifies where current practices evolved from and why, how they got this intensive and what we can do about them. Learn how to accurately assess how much project management is enough, and how to scale down the documentation - and the expectations around the documentation - associated with your project. You will gain a better understanding of what is appropriate for effective project management, and how to effectively manage with a lower impact on you, and on the trees.

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