Project HEADWAY: Embracing Failure: What I Learned from my Worst Mistakes

December 13, 2012 12:00 AM EST (UTC-5)

We all make mistakes. Mostly, however, we prefer not to talk about them. We’d rather brush them under the carpet and pretend that they didn’t happen.

Mistakes are how we learn, though. They are what shape us into who we are. The degree to which we acknowledge and embrace them, or run and hide from them, contributes to the overall sense of character and confidence that makes us truly us.

In this webinar, Mark Mullaly takes a look at how failure leads to learning, and why at times learning doesn’t happen. He explores several models that can be applied in thinking about and learning from our experiences, and most importantly he applies them to some of the previous failures and project challenges that he has encountered through the many years of his project and consulting career. Participants will gain an appreciation for the value of failure, tools to learn from failure, and a sense that they aren’t alone as they tackle their project challenges.

Join Mark Mullaly as he explores how to learn from failure, and do so gracefully (or at least meaningfully). Embrace learning how to fail; we won’t hold it against you.

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