Incorporating Spirituality into your Project Portfolio Management Team

By Keller Graduate School of Management

The concept of spirituality has moved into organizations at warp speed with the increasing, yet valued diversity of the workplace. However, through research we have concluded that the local world of Project Portfolio Management is spiritually detached, both academically and in real world routines. Our goal today is to increase awareness of the potential benefits concerning spirituality in PPM: Highlighting the relation between the two subjects, analyzing the outcome of a lack there of, in addition to an assessment of the role of the Project Portfolio Manager. To be more specific, we will answer the following questions: (1) How does spirituality relate to PPM? (2) Does moral deficit add to the high incompletion rate of projects? (3) What leadership approach or style effectively promotes spirituality in PPM? Again, due to literal failure to link spirituality to PPM, we overcame the challenge by merging literature on PPM, general business, and psychology, as well as heightened spiritual commentaries by professionals. Most importantly, we are inducing a movement from power and conformity to transformation, collaboration, and inspiration. Our work is the missing link between spirituality as a highly valued and essential part of an organization, to the cold world of PPM.

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Comments (3)

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I think it's important the topic of spirituality, everything can not be limited only to the profitability of the projects. We are in an aggressive capitalist model, but it is also true that now is also looking for the emotional rewards, so I think we should be in peace so that projects work better.


I was shocked and very pleasantly surprised to see this just now here in mid year 2012....
Most excellent and forward thinking on the part of Keller!
Simply getting the team together and getting quiet until a solution emerges would put IT light years ahead...
May as well do this before Quantum Computing does it for us...

As for morality - we would need leaders who do not choose projects that are not aligned.. be it global conflicts or corporate PM conflcts... Let's face it a lot of what we do in selling and rolling out a CRM system is not much differenent.

As the title of this thread suggested two years ago, we are indeed moving warp speed towards a world that is more spiritually (and triple bottom) aligned. We are in a sense all indivduals of the same source...we are all one. And we have the awnsers within - we simply need to bring them to the fore...

And a big hint - the awnser is usually some form of "Do unto others"..
It's really not rocket science and I fully expect younger programmers to embrace this going forward...

Nice job Keller..
And for those that scoff - take a look at what McKinsey has to say, or what this "MIX" blog suggests about economics etc.

I get it. I too feel better knowing someone from the old school now sees it coming too...But then I also am like - hey I was there first ; ) Oh well. It's not all about ME anymore - to my great relief...

PS - Ditto all the above for your 2010 post on the Triple Bottom Line..

Who are you guys anyway???!!!
Bravo Keller! : )

Best wishes, Rob

Need to have a detailed papaer on this to understand it better.


"No Sane man will dance."

- Cicero