Is Triple Bottom Line Sustainable within PPM?

By Keller Graduate School of Management

The lack of an established Triple Bottom Line standard within Project Portfolio Management presents this question: Is TBL sustainable in the long run without being relegated to continuous cyclical evolution? We will investigate this question using three areas of exploration: (1) Is TBL, and applying it throughout the PPM structure, a new concept? (2) How are TBL expenditures for a corporation being justified with regards to PPM? (3) Is TBL, in its current form, sustainable in the long run within a PPM? We concluded that TBL practices in its current form is in its infancy and will continue to evolve for future ventures. This is partly due to the non-standardization of TBL, across a spectrum of industries and how they approach TBL. Industries implement PPM organization’s strategy and initiatives in their project portfolios.

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