PMXPO 2015: On Demand!

through July 31, 2015 | an online forum

If you missed PMXPO 2015, fear not! The 8th edition of our annual virtual conference and exhibition--our biggest event yet--is on demand until the end of July! Catch all six sessions full of informed project management viewpoints from leading industry experts, led by our keynote featuring Adam Steltzner--the Lead Landing Engineer of NASA's Mars Science Laboratory Curiosity Rover Project! Register today for the free event if you haven't already, and then earn over 6 PDUs by watching all six presentations at the event site! Also check out our Visitor's Guide, PDU Instructions and our PMXPO 2015 Survey!.


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Three Testing Factors of Integrity in Project Management and Possible Ways to Manage Them for Success

by Pragatheeswaran Rathinasamy, PMP

A major challenge in project management is to become truly successful by practicing integrity. This article focuses on three key factors that test the integrity of organizations and practitioners, business case for the projects, organization structure and culture, and implications of laws and regulations, to highlight the importance of the roles of people and the system for practicing integrity. The author concludes by proposing useful ways to strengthen project management practices and comply with integrity.

Organizational Change: A Possibility, Not a Farce

by Amir Nasiri, PMP

How can one successfully change the culture of an organization or an entity to think and act differently? When one thinks about organizational change and the subsequent consequences, you must ask the question, "Why should I go through this change and the hassle and stress that come with it?" The answer is very easy--the long-term benefits outweigh the short-term risks.

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Badges on the Way!

from PMXPO 2015 Live Blog posted by Cameron McGaughy on

Every attendee of PMXPO with a public profile on will receive a nifty badge to accompany their profile! Badges should show up about a week after the event. If you don't have ...

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The Global Association's Code of Ethics

PREMIUM on-demand webinar

This webinar deals with the development and content of the PMI Code of Ethics and Professional Conduct, and with what resources are available to members and certificate holders regarding the Code. The webinar will also focus on the processes by which the Code is enforced.

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The Critical Path

Spotlight On: Agile

Are You Missing Out on the Benefits of Kanban?

by Vandana Roy

Kanban has become popular in the software development world--but is used very selectively. Developers are missing real opportunities to better serve customers in both software operations projects and in new development projects. Here we cover the core principles of Kanban that can be applied to any project where improved quality and throughput are desired.

Spotlight On: IT Strategy

Hot Technologies for 2015

by Michael Wood

Hold on to your hats because there are a lot of hot technologies that are making their way into the IT mainstream during the next few years. For some, many of these technologies do not roll off the tips of their tongues…yet! But these technologies are coming of age, and one of them in particular will have more impact than any of the others…

Topic Teasers

Topic Teasers Vol. 56: Beyond Usual Team Tools

by Barbee Davis, MA, PHR, PMP, PMI-ACP

Question: I’ve been placed in charge of setting up five remote teams in other countries--four internal, company-owned ones and a fifth from a third-party consulting group. Once set up, we’ll work together on large projects. I’ve already researched, planned and acquired our space, hired personnel and purchased conferencing technology. My budget is pretty much maxed out, but are there any other tools I might have forgotten to acquire?
A. If you have a safe, comfortable office space and the technology to hold online conferences with these remote teams, you have all that you need for successful performance even in other countries.
B. While you have the major necessary items covered, there are several free tools that can make a big difference in project success when these teams begin to work together.
C. Whatever money is left in your budget should be invested in lessons for you to learn the native languages spoken in each of these four countries. Otherwise, you will not be able to lead.
D. Invest whatever budget dollars remain in a state-of-the art translation tool. That way each team can work and create documents in their own language and you can auto translate them yourself.
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