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April 30, 2015 | an online forum is excited to bring you the 8th edition of its annual virtual conference and exhibition! It's your opportunity to learn, network, earn PDUs and gain valuable knowledge all from the comfort of your home or office! Join us Thursday, April 30 for PMXPO 2015! Six sessions full of informed project management viewpoints from leading industry experts, led by our keynote featuring Adam Steltzner--the Lead Landing Engineer of NASA's Mars Science Laboratory Curiosity Rover Project! Register today for the free event!


Knowledge Shelf

Initial Stakeholder Engagement in a Cultural Change Project: A Case Study

by Amrita Khadilkar, PMP

The successful rollout of a fundamental change needs support and buy-in from senior stakeholders. The project manager therefore needs to plan for adequate and persistent senior stakeholder engagement. This article introduces two measures--Appetite for Innovation (AI) and Trust (T)--that can be used to predict likely responses of senior stakeholders to organizational change. Low AI can be addressed by making the change real and relevant to stakeholders. Low Trust can be addressed by improving the awareness of senior stakeholders about the change that is being introduced.

An Insight on the Key Inspect and Adapt Cycle: The Retrospectives

by Madhavi Ledalla, PMP

A retrospective is a special meeting during which the team gathers after completing an increment of work to inspect and adapt their methods and teamwork. Retrospectives enable whole-team learning, act as catalysts for change and generate action. This article presents some of the reasons why the retrospective’s efficacy can fade over time and then discusses some interesting techniques to keep them lively.

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BEYOND EARNED VALUE: The Project Performance Index (PPI) & TriColor Traffic Light System

PREMIUM on-demand webinar

“Earned Value” (EV) has been around since the 1960’s as an effective Method for monitoring and managing project performance during implementation, and because of its ability to assess Time, Cost and Quality in an integrated manner, EV is undoubtedly significantly superior to antecedent approaches. EVM adoption and utilization was slow at first but following endorsement by the international Project Management Institute (PMI) as a “Best Practice” and inclusion in PMI’s Project Management Body of Knowledge “PMBOK,” demands to use EVM have escalated dramatically in recent years. Nevertheless many project managers and their stakeholders are still not using the Earned Value Method (EVM), and are reluctant to adopt it; or if using it are failing to obtain full benefit from EV analysis. Ken will explain the use of EVM in the Project performance Index (PPI) and in use of the TriColor Traffic Light System

Voices on Project Management

The Critical Path

Spotlight On: IT Strategy

IT 2010 to 2020: From What We Thought to Where We're Going

by Michael Wood

In 2010, this writer penned an article predicting what information technologies would be emerging and maturing by 2015. It's the perfect time to see how those predictions faired--and create a new set of predictions on which technologies will contribute to transforming our world by 2020.

Spotlight On: Megaprojects

Method in the Mayhem: Managing Megaprojects (Part 2)

by Ian Whittingham, PMP

In Part 1, we looked at how two similar megaprojects--separated in time by 1,800 years--delivered transformational change through the magnitude of their engineering achievements. But to understand the challenges of managing megaprojects--what is it that makes them so alluring yet so fraught with difficulty?--we must first understand what shapes the urgency of their ambitions.

Topic Teasers

Topic Teasers Vol. 54: The Agile Project Manager

by Barbee Davis, MA, PHR, PMP, PMI-ACP

Question: I’ve been a project manager here for 15 years, but the teams are going agile and I’m concerned that I won’t still have a role to play in the organization, or even a job! I’m too young to retire. Short of retraining as a ScrumMaster, what value could I be to the organization as it does agile projects?
A. You may have to make your own suggestions to management to define a new role, but it could be a promotion of sorts if they would allow you to act as an Agile Project Manager.
B. As you mentioned, the ScrumMaster is the most important position for the agile team. If you refuse to retrain, perhaps you may need to move to another department, or even to another company with a more traditional approach to projects.
C. There is absolutely no difference between a ScrumMaster and a project manager. Just be willing to change your title and continue to do what you have always done to run a project. It’s just learning a few new names for things.
D. There is a new certification, the APM-STL, which stands for the Agile Project Manager-Senior Team Liaison. This person acts as a company representative between all agile internal teams and all corporate customers. While the training and testing price is very steep, it would be an excellent choice for your career moving forward.
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