Building the Hybrid PMO Workshop Series (Scottsdale)

October 15-16, 2015 | Scottsdale, Arizona

Join us for our two-day workshop series to help you redefine your PMO and become more business driven, agile and effective! (And earn some PDUs in the process!) Session 1 is "Ready-to-Apply Examples of Business-Driven PMO Success" with Mark Price Perry, who assists with business-driven PMO setup and management; Session 2 is "Deliver Benefits that Matter--From Start to Finish" with Andy Jordan, who helps you succeed by managing the portfolio lifecycle with ideas through to benefits realization; and Session 3 presents "The Impact that Agile can have on a PMO" with Dave Prior, who helps you harmonize project management and agile. Session 4 is an open-space meeting that tackles "Redefining the PMO: Issues, Opportunities, and Breakthrough Thinking". Attendance is limited, so sign up today!


Knowledge Shelf

Improving Project Success Through Organizational Change


Too often, well-intentioned managers begin project initiatives without thoroughly evaluating the organizational changes required to help ensure the initiatives are truly successful. Neglecting to include and properly communicate with employees can lead to resistance and project failure. The author shares two examples from his practice to illustrate how and what to communicate effectively to increase project support.

Making Project Management Work Better

Jeff B. Garrison, PMP

Even the most experienced project managers can benefit from a refresher before initiating the project. If you do not have a line item that says “Project Management Training,” you may have missed the boat and may miss the goals of the project. Every project needs training at some level. Learn how to get your team thinking like project managers.

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Benefits Realization and Business Change Management

PREMIUM on-demand webinar
by Eric S. Norman

To improve the program/project leader’s ability to guide the achievement of target benefits, a clear understanding of the interrelationship between Benefits Management and Organizational (Business) Change Management is required. This session explains the Benefits Management process and highlights the linkage between Benefits Management and Change Management activities.

Voices on Project Management

The Critical Path

Spotlight On: Communication

Three Tactics to Improve Performance Through Influence

by Joe Wynne

As a project manager, you may not have supervisory authority over individuals working in your project. Yet you still need to attain good performance from all project workers and teams. In this case you need to use influence. Three tactics in particular will allow you to improve performance.

Spotlight On: EVM

Is Earned Value Management a PM Technique?

David Stark

Earned value management is widely valued as a key project management technique. Despite this, it’s not a universally accepted tool for use by project managers. This article questions whether or not EVM is correctly defined as a PM technique. Is there an alternative way of looking at EVM and EVMS, one that may bring better understanding of how they interact--and under what circumstances they can be used in to support project managers?

Topic Teasers

Topic Teasers Vol. 65: Assessing Electronic Tools

by Barbee Davis, MA, PHR, PMP, PMI-ACP

Question: I know project managers are now going to be more involved in business analysis things, but that doesn’t mean I know how to do that part of the job yet. My manager asked me to narrow down a list of electronic tools to see what would be best for our corporate situation. How do I even start?
A. Google “software tools for project management.” The product with the highest number of listings in your search page is the best one on the market. Recommend that one.
B. Ask your local PMI chapter, Agile Alliance chapter or IIBA (International Institute of Business Analysis) chapter board what three products they would recommend. They may also have a list of the vendors that had booths or tables at their last local event.
C. Software changes rapidly. Try to find the most recently developed software so that you don’t get stuck with outdated code. Always go with the old saying, “The latest created is the greatest created!”
D. Your management team, with the help of the procurement staff, will probably make the final decision. Use a logical matrix of tool profiles to narrow down the field for what you need in your organization, and then turn the final decision over to them.
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