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PMXPO 2015: On Demand!

through July 31, 2015 | an online forum

If you missed PMXPO 2015, fear not! The 8th edition of our annual virtual conference and exhibition--our biggest event yet--is on demand until the end of July! Catch all six sessions full of informed project management viewpoints from leading industry experts, led by our keynote featuring Adam Steltzner--the Lead Landing Engineer of NASA's Mars Science Laboratory Curiosity Rover Project! Register today for the free event if you haven't already, and then earn over 6 PDUs by watching all six presentations at the event site! Also check out our Visitor's Guide, PDU Instructions and our PMXPO 2015 Survey!


Knowledge Shelf

Who Are We Fighting In Organizations? A Path to Maturity Growth

by Ramona Maduta, MEng, PMP, SCPM

Building the right team for a project, especially when assumptions at the start are bad, relies on understanding people's motivations and mastering relationships between them. Working on a multi-country project, the author learned how to position herself as a leader by recognizing and accepting the diversity of people and being sensitive to the interests and feelings of all the team members.

Trialling an Appreciative Inquiry Approach for Successful Lessons Learned in Projects

by Paul Mannering, Peter Anderson PMP

The review of lessons learned provides an opportunity for team members to reflect and identify what worked and what did not in a project. Working with New Zealand’s Inland Revenue Department (IR), the authors conducted workshop sessions on Appreciative Inquiry (AI), an alternative approach to identifying lessons to be learned by celebrating the success of the project team and reinforcing the team’s strengths and values. Learn how using an AI approach can enhance the positive potential of reflective thinking.

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featured webinar

The Global Association's Code of Ethics

PREMIUM on-demand webinar

This webinar deals with the development and content of the PMI Code of Ethics and Professional Conduct, and with what resources are available to members and certificate holders regarding the Code. The webinar will also focus on the processes by which the Code is enforced.

Voices on Project Management

The Critical Path

Spotlight On: IT Strategy

Challenges in the Cloud

by Michael Wood

Will the cloud soon dominate enterprise computing? Yes...but that time hasn’t arrived just yet as there are still some challenges facing the cloud computing space. From the need for innovation in the area of disaster recovery to finding its next niche, the cloud has some decisions to make...

Spotlight On: Sustainability

Successful = Sustainable?

by Chi-Pong Wong

Many successful project managers can inadvertently be green at the same time. Why? Good project management practices that succeed in the three key ACE elements are coincidentally sustainable at the same time:

Topic Teasers

Topic Teasers Vol. 57: Skill Shifts to Notice

by Barbee Davis, MA, PHR, PMP, PMI-ACP

Question: My teams seem to be composed of younger and younger people, and even though I am an experienced and certified project manager we are having retention issues. I am managing just as I have successfully done in the past, but it no longer seems to work. The expense of constantly recruiting and training new people for my team is raising flags with my manager about my own performance. What can I do?
A. The majority of employees in the workforce today are Generation X. They will not be led and must be allowed to form their own teams and do the work when and how they see fit. Do not try to manage them.
B. The majority of employees in the workforce today are millennials, and they do not respond well to being managed by someone for whom they do not have respect as a leader. Up your leadership skills.
C. Ask your own manager for the position power to put people who do not do what you ask within a reasonable amount of time, and to the standards you require, on report. Let them know that if this same behavior happens on the next task, they will be asked to leave the company.
D. Modern employees are unwilling to have someone else set the goals for their workday. Involve teams in each and every decision that is made about what the project will create, when it can be delivered and the quality standards to which it must adhere.
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