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Volunteer to Test New, Innovative PMI Learning Tool!

by PMI

PMI needs your help to test a new, immersive online learning tool! Your feedback will help PMI tailor this new tool to help learners quickly gain experience applicable to real-world project management challenges. Volunteers will complete an online assessment, work through 16 hours of activity, and provide feedback on the experience...


Knowledge Shelf

Project Stakeholder Management

by Preston Charles, PMP

It may be tempting to overlook stakeholder management when facing tight deadlines. The author explains the perspectives of the many stakeholders along the supply chain and how each of them has an impact upon someone else. Everyone from the manufacturer to the final customer is able to recognize the benefits of successful project stakeholder management.

Fiction: A Life Less Balanced

A Life Less Balanced: Release 1.0

by Robert Bulger

Welcome to the crazy, frantic world that is a PMO. Join us each month for a serialized drama that centers upon PMO Director Maxine "Max" Jackson. Max leads a talented and diverse team at Konnect Sofware, a start-up software company. The company, and especially her team, are delivering cutting-edge technology. It's truly a dream come true. The real question is: How does Max juggle all the things she wants while keeping her customers and team happy, handling the breakneck speed of a start-up, growing her career and, at the same time, balancing a love life? She knows that if she can make the start-up work, it's her ticket to the work life she's always wanted. But it's hard. Keeping people happy is a full-time job...

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The Critical Path

July Book Club

from The Critical Path posted by Carrie Dunn on

We are excited to announce the July book club!  The book club provides an opportunity to participate in webinars and discussions around selected books relevant to the overal ...

Spotlight On: Talent Management

Managing Resource Priorities

by Andy Jordan

When resources are asked to focus on multiple different work areas, everyone can suffer. How do we maximize productivity while minimizing disruption?

Spotlight On: Leadership

Micro-managing or Macro-managing: What Works Better for a PM?

by Muhammad Umais Mulki

Micro-management can be advantageous in certain situations, but often becomes an obstacle in the on-time delivery of projects. This article provides some insights on which management style is considered the best. It also gives a few tips on how PMs can improve their management style and work toward ensuring greater success with project delivery.

Topic Teasers

Topic Teasers Vol. 80: Compliance Without Power

by Barbee Davis, MA, PHR, PMP, PMI-ACP

Question: We recently developed new accounting software for internal use to create invoices. Due to interest in tracking benefits realization and also capturing customer reactions to evaluate our success, my project team has been asked to stay on and address any issues for six months. One of the sales representatives gives special discounts and terms but fails to enter them into the new system for billing, and the angry customers call my team. I’ve told his manager, but the behavior continues. It makes the process improvement statistics for our software look bad and is costing us money. What can I do?
A. If talking with the sales representative’s manager didn’t work, talk to the manager’s manager. This sales person should be fired.
B. Take the salesperson to lunch. See if there is anything bothering him. Try to help him solve any work-related or personal issues, so that he can focus more on entering the correct data for billing.
C. Alert the representative by e-mail when the invoices will be sent out for two months. Give him a deadline to enter any unique terms not covered by the default pricing tables in the software. Copy his manager.
D. Prepare a second training class on how to operate the new software and schedule all of the employees in the organization who use the software to attend. If one person isn’t using it correctly, perhaps there are more.
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