Basic Project Charter

This Project Charter walkthrough covers fundamentals, such as:

  • scope
  • general and specific objectives
  • defining constraints and assumptions
  • project organization
  • sponsor
  • project manager(s)
  • user representatives
  • technical lead
  • as well as approaches to staffing, budget, communications, planning, tracking, change control, system and document access, project plans and support requirements.

What will I get out of this?
This example will give you a basic, solid, structure for building a Project Charter. The sample text will give you a jump start on how to articulate each point in a clear and concise way.

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The Charter example is too vague and features too many items: The list of objectives gives examples of things, but not objectives. "Reporting" is a thing to do, but no objective, for example.
My expectation towards a project charter is to tell me in a one-pager who will do what when, how and at which price, whereas the what can be rough - the charter is not there to judge the project but to give direction and facilitate portfolio management.


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