IT&Telecom Project Manager Skills Assessment

Developing effective project management skills can be a challenge in the best of times. The range of topics and disciplines on the project management field is broad, and it can be difficult to know where to best focus our energies and efforts. In the fields of information technology and telecommunications (IT&T), the project management challenge grows ever greater. Effective project management means that our skills sets need to integrate proficiencies from the disciplines of project management, general management and the underlying technical disciplines our projects are rooted in. In the IT&T space, this means a broad range of skills, functions and capabilities.  This assessment helps you gauge where your skills are currently in order to help guide your future career development efforts.

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At the outset ., it is OK.. However, giving a second glance, I am not quiet impressed. These checklist are @ very high level and doesn't say exactly what has been scrutinized and the extent / depth the subject area.. This checklist are fine a technical discussions. However for a managerial related discussions this is not sufficient. I believe it is only 20% efficient. Nonetheless I appreciate the efforts coming up


The structure of this template seems to suggest that project management is the sum of its parts i.e. the long list of skills in the spreadsheet. I see project management as a role that’s assigned to people who are added adequately prepared and / or experienced to be held accountable for results. At best, the template illustrates the possible scope and details of that accountability. A skills assessment for project management would be a far less granular list including items such as: 1 Project team experience 2 Leadership ability 3 Service management / support history 4 Financial planning experience 5 Communication and coordination skills Items 1 to 5 broadly delimit areas where any project manager, in any sector, might seek to improve their proficiency.


I was a bit confused by this IT & Telecom Project Manager Skills Assesement Template. My suggestions: 1) Templates are much more understood when they are accompanied by a cover sheet which explains the "what" and the "why" and the "how" 2) I'm not totally convinced that having experience with Telecom makes you a better project manager for Telecom projects. Certainly having an overview/familiarity with the industry is good, but to have hands on experience leads me to believe that the expectation is that this person will be part time project manager and part time SME.


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