Project Plan/Project Definition

Format: Plan

This template walks you through building a very detailed and comprehensive description of your project.  The finished product can be useful for:

  • Setting stakeholder expectations,
  • Developing a common understanding of project details with your team, particularly during project startup
  • Creating a very solid basis for building a project schedule.
  • Understanding the risks of the project to the organization and how it related to other initiatives already underway,
  • Controlling it during its duration and ending the project.

The Plan is a contract between the Project Manager, Executive Sponsor, Project Team and other management of the enterprise associated with and/or affected by the project.  Each Project Plan component is essentially a work product resulting from subtasks in the Make Plan Project Management task, but can be revised during other project management activities. It is important to document all parameters that will have an impact on the project, its planning and execution. The finished product can be 30 pages long describes the following about the project:


  • Purpose/background/approach  
  • Goals/objectives  
  • Scope  
  • Deliverables  
  • Constraints/assumptions  
  • Related projects/critical dependencies  
  • Schedule and milestones  
  • Budget/cost-benefit assessment  
  • Risk assessment  
  • WBS  
  • Quality management approach  
  • Tools and techniques to be used  
  • Resource estimates  
  • Standards  
  • Change and control procedures  
  • Roles/responsibilities  
  • Work plan  
  • Team contact directory  
  • Approval sign-off form

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Its usefull stuff to mange and control the project from Start to End

Great outline, PM to develop

Too Good

First of all thanks a lot for your efforts , and really its so important to be used the project plan templates to can be organize the resources of project , and used by optimal ways .




this is a great piece


I think is very good to include in this template key project indicators with control points joined with schedule. It's very strong thing. Checkpoints need to be sure what all going on OK.



very good!


It is really a very nice and workable template .The plan template helpes me as instrumental for my planning process. Tessema, PMP


This project plan template, is ready reference, which could be customized according to needs. Best guidelines too..


There are recommendations to use "Architect: Planner", "Architect Process Blueprints" and "Architect" itself in this excellent Project Plan. Does anybody knows what is it? How to find this tool?

definition of a plan:


This project plan template is an excellent reference source in insuring important elements of the project are attended to and not overlooked. The fact that it follow many of PMI's nomenclature makes it a relevant tool indeed

This is a nice templace.It would be useful if the early contractual critical items of the project are also listed.

CMMI to attain level 2 certification

This Project Plan Template is to comply with Homework#1 assignment for John Covington.

This project plan template is an excellent reference source in insuring important elements of the project are attended to and not overlooked. The fact that it follow many of PMI's nomenclature makes it a relevant tool indeed.

Very well organized template. The document follows PMI standards and is quite thorough. This would clearly make for a strong Project Charter document.


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