Project Post-Mortem

Format: Questionnaire / Report / Specifications/Procedures / Agenda

The Project Post-Mortem helps to finish the project in a controlled fashion. This template:

  • describes procedures and roles for conducting a post-mortem project team meeting,
  • outlines a report on what went right and wrong in the project,
  • and a questionnaire for eliciting project participants' feedback.


What will I get out of this?

A solid post-mortem can help your organization become more effective going forward.  It can be equally important for you personally, helping you learn from your mistakes and focus on what worked best.

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Comments (4)

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Definitely invite senior management if you have some lessons learned that the suits upstairs need to know. This should be a learning experience for everyone from all levels. Take a look at gantthead's JPACE Process, END PROJECT, for complete end-of-project post-mortem guidance.


It would be helpful to know who should
be invited to a post mortem. Just the
team members, or should senior
management be invited also.


Perfect template for post-mortem!!

This doc has every subject matter needed to close a project productive & with a positive spin. Although some folks fear criticism of something from the past, the results actually are satisfying to many, and feedback is used to learn for the next project. This doc could also serve as a reminder that certain project team members and the project manager are not part of the maintenance plan and to contact the product owner after launch. After the Post- Mortem meeting invite the team to a lil' party or lunch and hand out recognition awards for hard work. [*****] 5 of 5 stars!


One man can be a crucial ingredient on a team, but one man cannot make a team.

- Kareem Abdul-Jabbar