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Help Needed
Hi to all

I am planning to launch a website on project management and giving services to the customers free of cost for min 1-2 year

Can u help me in targeting the customer
and how i can earn revenue from my website.

Hi Sameer,

Social Media Marketing seems to be the rage now adays. You can check out advertising directly on blogs of a similar topic or indirectly via programs like google adwords.

Hope this helps,


Can anyone suggest how I can increase traffic or number of user on my website

Some thing about target customers to whom this site will be beneficial


Your website is great - very impressive and professional - wishing you all the very best success.


Thanks vasoula for ur reply

Please check this site on this verge only i am launching my site

But in my site i will include free assistance to my customers and also helps them in developing business Plans,Marketing Plans


Hi Sameer

I see that you are a Developer - great. The first step is to see who your competitors are in India offering PM services. below are just a few examples - is there a market gap that has been missed that will make all the difference to your marketing strategy? hence whats different about your website. This is constructive feedback hope it is useful to enable you to progress further:

Good luck





Your business venture sounds exciting. The question I would put to you is have you before undertaking the website initiative for project management have you identified your potential customer targets and prepared a business case? Assuming your background is consultancy what is unique about you and your website what is different! There are many websites available all aiming to make money through online learning including offering PM training for preparing for certification. Your website as a minimum can earn revenue by advertising and providing other chargeable services such as subscriptions, online books, web seminars etc. what is confusing is the services to customers you will be providing are free of cost for min 1 - 2 years or have I read this wrong.


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