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Project KPIs for content reuse.

I am working on a project around content reuse for training. I was interested to see if anyone has ideas about KPIs could be used to measure how/which content should be reused. What are the best measurements to use so a training site doesnt become a content "dumping" ground?
Hi Jacqueline ,

Speaking of KPI in project management. may be a good resource for you. It contains a user friendly library of well-documented performance measures. At the moment it lists over 4700 KPI examples, grouped in 73 functional areas, as well as 83 industries and sub-categories.

KPI examples for the HR are available on this page They include but not limited to:

$ Profit per project
% Resource utilization
# Average inter-connectivity between project tasks

In addition to examples of performance measures, also contains a catalogue of performance reports that illustrate the use of KPIs in practice.

Examples of such reports for project management are available on:

The website is updated daily with new content, so check it from time to time for additional content.

Please note that while examples of performance measures are useful to inform decisions, each performance measure needs to be selected and customized based on the objectives and priorities of each organisation.

Best regards,

Anita Liang
Research Analyst
Tough question...I would think goal would be generally be at least 50% but it depends on the content, learning style, and design. It is definitely more challenging if you are trying to reuse Instructor Led and eLearning.

I would recommend posting this question to as it is a group focused on training. There is also a group on LinkedIn as well.
Interesting project... KPIs are used for business performance measurement... So the first question is have all the business metrics been set as a baseline criteria to which your Knowledge Management database is populated? Meaning are your performance metrics used as filtering criteria to those who may populate your knowledgebase...? Your governance around business performance metrics would prevent content dumping and also content aging...

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