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Transitioning to E-commerce Project Management
I would be interested in any feedback/advice for a senior pm (10 yrs experience) with construction/engineering, telecom & IS background regarding a strategy to break into the e-commerce arena and overcome the obstacles of having no e-commerce experience.

Depending on your local job market perhaps, but I don't see that a lack of e-commerce experience is a great hinderance. I look for people who can prove a track record in solid results, leadership and communication. The ability to learn a new process and listen is key. Also depending on what you mean by e-commerce, this typcially requires strong customer relationship management skills. I've hired several senior PM's in the last year for our B2B company, none of which had e-commerce experience, and all of which are doing fine.

One of the business segments where eCommerce has biggest potential is Construction industry. With your construction/engineering, telecomm and IS experience, you would not have much trouble getting into construction industry eCommerce area. My advice would be to look for companies that are targetting Construction Industry eCommerce. This would include the likes of Bidcom, Buzzsaw, Cephren, Motiva, etc. and would also include large construction contractors and architects.

Last year, I was working to setup an ASP for construction industry and was looking for people with your kind of background so I know that you have good potential to get into eCommerce area especially if you look for the companies targetting construction industry.

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