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What has happened to p2msp

I am a user of p2msp which was developed by Laurence Kelly at Structured Project Management.

I am in need of support on the product and Laurence and his company have disappeared off the face of the earth.

Does anyone know what happened or have contact details?

There was always some concern about this product as it seemed to be potentially breaching OGC copyright of Prince2, there were concerns as to keeping it up to date with the more recent versions of Prince2 (it looked to be two versions out of date), and the considerable changes in the way different versions of MS-Project worked made it hard to maintain a tool such as this.so I'm not terribly surprised it has faded away.

Personally it looked too much like "one size fits all" which is so contrary to the philosophy of Prince2 (and indeed all professional methodologies) that I'd be reluctant to use such - far better to do some work yourself on templates and tools - extra work to be sure, but far more likely to provide a good fit and support quality delivery.
No replies to this, but its a question that has troubled me for a while - I've not yet disciovered another product that does the same as p2msp, and I'd like one!

any options gratefully received.

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