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How to pass the updated PMP exam, according to me

I've prepared for the PMP exam for almost 4 months. I passed at the first attempt. The actual exam is such a stressful experience but if you have studied the right materials, you should be able to pass.

Some questions were misleading. They may give you details regarding one process group but the question is specific to another. I found this to be quite hard.

Preparations and Recommendations:

Don’t rely solely on PMBOK. it's one of many books you need to conquer PMP - but not the only.
Shortly before exam I could say that I am sufficiently prepared for the exam, to summarize my preparation, here are the resources that were vital in my exam preparation process:

Definitely, definitely try out mock exams online


  • PMStudy's free simulated test -

  • PMChamp's free questions on Quality Management -

  • OliverLehmann's self assessment test -

  • Pmzilla -

  • A. - I went through pmchamp's intensive online pmp's an effective learning process for me, all the knowledge areas were well explained...I can thoroughly recommend this coaching program by Vinai...the tricks gave me the "confidence" to go for the real test

    B. O’ Reilly’s Head First PMP 2nd ed

    - For people like me who find PMBOK boring, Head First PMP is the way to learn- I like its conversational style. Head First is helpful particularly for those with limited experience in managing projects from start to completion..But the exams are a bit on the easy side compared to other books. Therefore, in order to be comfortable when you take the exam, make sure you get around 80 to 85% of the questions right.

    If a chapter/topic is very new to you, use HeadFirst, then follow it up with Rita. HeadFirst makes it easy, while Rita is very detailed to the point.

    C. Pmzilla Final PMP Exam (200 tough questions)
    - finally day before the exam I attempted mock exam of pmzilla's 200 questions ... indeed very helpful! and tougher than the actual exam...hehe

    Took the PMP Exam (sat there for 4 hours without break). In the exam itself, I marked any questions i was unsure of or any involving formula calculations. As others have said, don't forget to review the code of ethics and conduct from the PMI website and know your formulas.

    About exam: Not easy; Not too tough; Not wordy.

    The real exam are totally different than any of the questions that you see from other sources. At least they are not identical. However, the ideas are the same. I would suggest you to understand the rationale of the questions in preparation for question variances. I did not memorise the ITTOs, but I think I could have got two more questions right because of that.

    Remember, PMP exam is based on situational questions – I strongly recommend you test yourself. There are hundreds of questions about PMP on internet – unfortunately most are of bad quality. If you are able to detect the bad quality exams, you are prepared for exam :)

    It's a great joy to share the news of gaining my PMP certification

    Good luck future PMPs


    Congratulations Henry on becoming a PMP! I am wondering which source had the closest approach/format to the actual exam, and how many hours would you say you spent preparing before you could say you were ready?

    Congratulations on becoming a PMP! I see you already have your PMP Gantthead badge :)

    And thanks for the tips.

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