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Content Management Process

I have been tasked with implementing a content management process. I am in a buisness organization that will be abopting Teamsite and ATG Dynamo. I'd be interested to talk with someone that has implemented such a project in a very large and dynamic organization. How do you bring everyone together? We have an IT group, HTML developers and a creative team, then we have Business owners and myself as a content manager. We are lacking Project Managers and Management thinks this is easy... help!

Project management is often consider easy by senior management. I work for AXS-One,, and we have experienced consultants that can help you get quick results using your current technology with quick results. I'm including one of our white papers on self-service which you should find helpful. If you would like a case study of one of our clients that implemented a content management solution within weeks, improving cash flow, please email me at

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