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How do you plan for a content management project?


When people tell me they want to find a way to manage and organize the mess that their Websites have become, it never ceases to amaze me how many people simply start by buying the coolest technology they can find and throwing it wildly at the problem. Most times, people tend to put the technology cart before the horse. In the case of content management systems (CMS), sometimes the horse and cart simply take off without the driver.

Are there any content management (CMS) gurus living in this forum? I would like to hear your lessons learnt and war stories in planning a large-scale web content management system:

1. Do you think strategy is important to CMS projects; If so, why? Why should you think about strategy before thinking about buying the tools first?

2. How do you tie CMS strategy into the overall E-business strategy?

3. Defining the CMS requirements:

a. Business requirements

- What requirements do you define and how do you define them?

For example:

- What role does content play in the overall business strategy? - Why do you need a CMS?

- What content is created in your organization, who creates it and how it is created as part of your overall business processes?

- How do you or should you capture your business processes?

- Who do you talk to?

- Do you start thinking about workflow at this stage?

b. CMS requirements

What requirements do you define and how do you define them?

For example:

- Platform, technology capabilities, in-house expertise, willingness to outsource, budget, etc...

- How do you capture your technology requirements?

- Who do you talk to?

- How does the requirements affect the choice of technology, products?

cheers, geoff

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I am working in an environment which is undergoing great change in how they run their day to day business as they are converting it all to web applications. Content management, to this point, has existed of roughly 4 people in a 3,000 person environment writing documentation and promoting it to users both internally and internally through the slim documentation method called email. Forget about archiving and auditing. We are trying to integrate 7 different businesses at an enterprise level, and it has become clear to us that we desperately need content management. Especially as business grows with the new environment. We have decided to bring in consultants to do an assessment and make a recommendation, as we have our hands pretty full with the operational changes we are going through. Does anyone have a similar experience with advice they can share before we slide on down that slippery slope???

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