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The Perfect Web Team

What do people envision as the perfect makeup of a web team?

What I mean is what are the bare minimum skill sets that you need in a group of individuals in order to build a rock solid e-commerce site? How about for a highly interactive intranet site? Same skills or different?
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Did you checked the MSF(Microsoft Solution Framework) Team Model?

In my experience it is critical to have someone define the Business Requirements. This person is responsible for developing the Requirements Doc and working to get things started... once started s/he can walk away for a bit, then return for assistance in User Acceptance Testing prior to implementation. This step has always helped me in validating the requirements were met.
From my experience on web projects, the perfect team has a strong technical architect and a strong business lead. These two have to work well together (sometimes that is the challenge!!!).

The technical lead is necessary to ensure that all of the little details required for a web system all work together, and the business lead needs to exactly define the business (regardless if it is web or not).

In addition, having a team that works together is more important than a lot of smart people that don't. Web systems are highly collaborative and iterative, they all need to work together.

Don't forget about any outside strategic partners...they will have deliverables which other team members will be dependent.
You should have specialists in given areas (programming, knowledge management, project management, executives) give input during the discovery phase. These people should take ownership of that division of the company throughout the whole project.
Of course, we do not utilize all of these resources on every project, but here is the master list of our Web Development & Support Team:

Project Manager
Chief Technologist
Technical Coordinator
Content Coordinator
Courseware Integrator
Database Programmer
Server Specialist
Lead Web Integrator
Web Integrators
Graphic Designer
Interface Designer
Flash Designer
Graphic Artists
Network Specialist
Server Support Tech
Project Coordinators

Of course, it always depends on the roles & responsibilities of each of the team members, but it sounds like you have it under control. (unless you count people on the client side. Whether you are internal or external - you still need a Project Sponsor's support).

I'm about to start a project. The people on my team are: Project Director, Project Manager,Tech Lead,Consultant, Creative Director, Creative Designer, Interface Engineer, Database Consultant, Developer
Test Lead, Useability Tester.
Am I missing anybody?

Hi Charles. Here is the basic skills matrix from webWAVE here on gantthead. It's a good starting point.

Got the visionary.

But, what sort of team do you think you need at a minimum to implement and build that vision? That's what I'm looking for opinions on.
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