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I am looking for something that can firmly position a new business in the e-commerce market. Is a Digital business solution the way to go?

Make claer what the business is you want to include. From your total ecosystem possibly only a part will be part of your scope. Define the way you want to use the 'e-word' - digital business, e-commerce or e-business (the jm&co (headstrong nowadays) way give you a direction how you can do it).

In order to become succesful you will need to master a certain number of challenges:
digital channels (which one do you want to use with your customers)
- digital intelligence (understanding you customer)
- digital relation (your customer interaction) and
- your ecosystems integration (including business and EAI)

To answer your question, I think you first need to define Digital Business - as many individuals might not have heard the jm+co definition that you are familiar with.

A Digital Business spans organizational boundaries - including B2B connections on both the selling side and supply side, versus just a typical one-sided B2B or a typical sales-focused ecommerce site.

Dell is the most commonly used example, taking orders over the web, partnering with equipment suppliers like Sony on the back end through a tightly integrated system, building PCs to order just in time, then using UPS not only for delivery, but as a complete fulfillment solution.

It's clear what that level of automation & cooperation have done for Dell. Logically, one would assume that the same would hold true in other markets as well.

A more interesting discussion would be talking about specific markets & potential gains that could be acheived by applying Digital Business models to the space.

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