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Case Tool use in Component Based Development
I am currently working on a project to implement Component Based Development using CaseWise and Rational Rose as the modelling tools (client's choice). I was looking through the Distributed Application Development process for ideas and wondered what modelling tool(s) the process was intended for and what the specific deliverables from that tool are for each stage in the process. The methodology, being non tool specific is a little vague.

Any help gratefully received!



As you noticed the DAD methodology pays no allegiance to tools. That is not to say tools are not useful. On the contrary, I think component development would be next to impossible without tools. The tool du jour for component development is CA/Platinum's Paradigm Plus. Why? Because it now hosts the Catalysis Process, which is the most advanced conceptual framework to build object/component based systems and it is unique to CA. Rational does not have it.

In fact Rose being a Rational tool (no pun intended) will end up supporting the RUP Rational Unified Process. RUP and DAD have common roots and some common parts. But DAD is much stronger in project management, testing and requirements definition.

Another tool of interest is Select/Enterprise which hosts its own unique process (very popular in Europe).

But to really give you an idea of the overall madness of tools, on the last DAD project, I used Rose for requirements, Paradigm Plus for object and type modeling and collaboration diagrams. I then ported the type model from Paradigm Plus to Select Enterprise and generated Forte/Tool code from Select. Many other requirements diagrams were done using Visio (the ultimate case tool!)

There are many other fine tools, all of which will work nicely with DAD.

Keep us informed of your tool progress.

Andre Leclerc

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