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Online Credit Transactions

My company is currently beginning to move into the B2B e-commerce arena and I'm currently evaluation who to use to handle our online credit approval and transaction process.

Curious what other ganttheads have had for experiences with any of the vendors who play in this space.


I'm a independant PM contractor in canada who just managed a implemention of an end to end DVD e-commece store for a large retail entertaiment company with scope that included Hosting, business requirements, Usability, functional requirements, web design, web development (including Third Party integration), to implementation go live. The online credit approval and transaction vendor used was Chasepayment Tech. Hope this helps.

Remember to warn your customers about keystroke monitoring spyware and to advise them to use and keep their anti-Spyware updated.

!-- plug-start: i implemented online credit approvals in '99 and then in '01 at major online retailers plug-end--! the major players in the US are: experian, equifax, and D&B. please email for add'l inquires at
Charles, I saw this topic posted by you. I am also looking for similar kind of information for B2C site. Please let me know what you gathered out of the responses from different people on this. I will be interested to know about the infrastructure and architecture for implementation of online credit card authorization.


Yes we are developing a similar application and are using a consultant from Concept Canvas. Email me at to discuss retaining him.
I saw your discussion posted in reg. B2B business.

We are a Software Company developing Business Solutions on the Web. We have Expertise in developing B2B,B2C solutions.

We have office at Detroit, U.S.

We also have Offshore Development Centre in India which
develops and delivers the Sofware at a comparative cost.
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I'm not sure if this information is too late for you, but I've heard good things about InvoiceLink. I don't know if this is exactly what you were asking for, but it is a very strong start-up B2B company that is growing quickly. I know it has well over 50 employees now...maybe you could check it out?

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