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Software to make more software
Now, in our company, we are studying how increase our software project management ratios.

One type of tools, we are thinking is 4th generation tools.


  • http://www.clearnova.com/ThinkCAP/

  • http://www.softvelocity.com/clarion/

  • http://www.sysmanagement.com/enterpriseProducts/downloads.aspx

    This type of software help companies and development teams to reduce development time, errors & bugs, ...

    What do you think about this type of tools?

  • Anonymous
    Because requirements errors are the primary cause of software development project failure, I urge you to consider a requirements authoring and validation tool like that offered by Ravenflow (www.ravenflow.com). RAVEN automatically generates activity and responsibility diagrams from plain English text. This makes common requirements errors, such as ambiguities and breaks in flow, easily visible to analysts. Costly errors can be detected and corrected early in the project lifecycle. Software for software can be a worthwhile investment.

    I would advise you to consider other tools as well that are targetted for Business users (non-programmers) that enable the rapid development of web applications, like www.interneer.com. This tool not only reduces the development time, but it also reduces the support time since the customer is able to enhance the application without any programming or technical expertise. It also packs very powerful capabilities like workflow, project management, document management etc.

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