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How to prepare for PMP Certification?


I am planning to get certified in 1-2 years. Not sure which org. maybe PMI, or Australian equivalent.

Since these orgs require an applicant to have industry PM experience, I want to ask at this stage, what documents should I be collecting to prepare for my application?

I might need to actively fill the gaps in my current experience. Do I need employment certification that I did Risk Management, Scope Management, etc.?

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You can try PMP certification training with 35 Pdus of Rebus business solutions website - It would help you to get PMP credential with first attempt.

File attached.

If you are looking for PMP online training, check Simplilearn website:

You can also check free PMP resources and take a free PMP practice test by registering yourself on

I put my advice and coaching together in a free newsletter called the PMP Guide.

The first issues cover requirements and how to document your experience, then go into an overview of the exam and considerations for studying. Also, what's the audit process like if you are selected, etc. There's a lot of answers to your one simple question!

I do recommend you have a plan whatever you do, and avoid boot camps.

I used Rita's materials and the PMBOK and I passed the exam in 2003

My suggestion is to learn every single chart in the PMBOK by memory
all the inputs/outputs/tools and techniques - because the exam is tricky and if you don't know the charts you'll have a hard time. I think people study stuff they don't need to study and they don't spend enough time studying the material that will help them. So learn those charts in the PMBOK backwards and forwards and sideways - and use Rita's materials and spend time learning Rita's materials - and you should pass

120 hours of study: 3 times Rita's Book, 2 times PMBOK, 4000 tests (online from examcenter and Rita's app)

Result: All domains proficient

buddy, its important to have a solid study plan for your pmp exam...last year I have bench marked other passers' study habits and system, helped a lot in keeping the motivation up

Great thread. A lot of useful comments. I also recently passed my PMP exam. It is no small task, for a professional workign full time. But it is achievable, and it was beneficial to me. My journey studying for the exam inspired me to write a blog about the experience. I hope it’s useful to those currently seeking the certification. You can check out my perspective, advice, on my blog at

My Approach
Go through PMBOK once
Read RITA once and then again read PMBOK
you will feel you are ready for the exams
just before appearing for the exams skim through RITA
thats more than enough
If you could find time then try to attempt online mock tests as much as possible
If you want to save time and money, but fast track your progress to passing the PMP Exam then check out This site has a great source of material and will teach you how to pass the pmp exam.
hey if you want to do pmp certification training then you should opt for knowledgewoods. i have taken pmp training from knowledgewoods and passed in my first attempt.their trainer are well qualified and have very good knowledge.their training material is very can clarify all your doubts regarding eligibility, cost etc from knowledgewoods
for more information check out knowledgewoods website
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