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Okay--here's your chance to spill your guts--everything you ever wanted to know about project management but were afraid to ask.

Knowledge Management

Some things are just hard to manage--your business knowledge shouldn't be one of them. Chat with others about anything and everything in the world of KM.

Package Selection

Selecting the right package for your business needs is crucial to your success. You might not always want to take the test drive, so here you can talk to other PMs who have been around the Package Selection block--get their advice, ideas and expertise to help you pick the right package.

Process Improvement

Let's talk process improvement: Who can't use new ways to improve their processes?

Pulling Together What's There

Enterprise systems contain a wealth of information. How about integrating your current systems to maximize their full value? Here you can toss around some options and get feedback from people who have done just that.

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Project Sponsor

from Project Management Central posted by Sarah Hoban on

Do other PMs have any suggested alternatives to the term project sponsor? I am searching for a term for a stakeholder who has a comparable title and level of interest in the project to our project spo ...

Next PMI Standards

from PMI Standards posted by Suhail Iqbal on

What are the next standards PMI is working on? We already have an interesting set of standards and I expect the new concept of Talent Traingle will lead to many more standards and even revision to exi ...

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