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What project management software do you use?
For my experience, I only use eTaskMan to handle and assign tasks. It 's because it's free and it's a web based site. Normally, I am not in the office so when the new project arrives, i can assign to my co-worker online immediately. Not only that, they use tag function allowing to save time to switch to other projects.
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I'm currently using Project Portfolio Management (PPM) which is a web-based tool but I do not like it at all. I use MS Project for my schedules which I like although I wish I was better at development macros. I have used Rational Portfolio Manager which I liked. Have used CA Superproject which was ok. Not even sure if that's available anymore. And sometimes, for smaller projects, I've even used Excel.

Whatever you like and whatever fits the project is what you should use. Unless someone is asking you to use something else like your customer or the company. Just my opinion. :-)
We started using Eylean Board for the scrum based projects a year ago. It is a user-friendly, comprehensive software. We like it a lot because of the way we can adapt it to our needs and the live reports we get on our progress.

I have used proofhub it is a amazing software and it provides features like Discussions, proofing and to-do's. The interface is both robust and intuitive - anyone can pick it up quickly and get started to organize their tasks in a smart way.

When I started we used EasyProjects which did not meet our requirements, so after some market research and some vendor demos, we switched to PowerSteering, a SaaS system that offers high end functionality at a reasonable cost.

I have found with PM software it is definitely a case of you get what you pay for.

I have used a few different systems but for use in a start-up business I am assessing does anyone have experience of using this. It seems it can be hosted / dowloaded and "open Source" as long as you do not want financial reporting other wise this is a 5K euro charge.

We use Basecamp. It is cloud-based, which is a plus. I wish it had a fuller-feature set.

I have had experience with the MSP 2003 all the way to 2010 and although this is a good and solid system (and improving with every version) I find the reporting capabilities limited and it becomes a little tricky when managing several projects at the same time. I have also used Basecamp which is great for collaborative purposes.

I am yet to find a solution that holds all the benefits of MSP but with richer reporting/dashboard features and that is not a cloud-based solution.

I love using Basecamp provided you have no issues with cloud security.

Alternatively, you can use Redmine if you know how to install it in your company's servers.

We (probably) want to use MS-Project server but we can't find a reference site. Is there anyone based in/near London UK who would be willing to show a medium size charity how they use MS-Project server to get an overview of staff workloads in an organisation where people are juggling multiple projects? Thanks! - Julian
I always trust in quality. A quality tool is the one that perform the best way possible. It has good compatibility and extensibility.

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