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Contribute Content to thrives on the participation of our membership, so we are happy to accept a number of types of editorial submissions for consideration. We prefer articles and other content that have not been previously published, but if you have an existing article or white paper, you may certainly send that to us for consideration. If you have a specific article or topic in mind, we appreciate a brief abstract so we can evaluate and approve the article before it is written. If you are interested in contributing, but don't have any particular article in mind, we always have areas that we are looking to cover.

The following is a list of the general types of editorial contributions that is currently accepting:

We are interested in all types of project management-related articles both for our front page sections as well as our topic-specific departments. Please note, it is our policy not to review or highlight specific vendor products. See our Submission Guidelines for more information about format, length and acceptance policy.

Deliverables: also accepts deliverable templates and project plans. We require that any client- or project-specific information be purged from your documents before you submit them to us.

White Papers:

If you would like to have your white paper posted on, please send a note of inquiry to our Editorial Department. We will review the material and contact you with further details. Please note that does not publish product- or case-specific white papers as editorial content. If you are interested in publishing such a white paper, please contact our Advertising Sales Department for information about Sponsored White Papers.

Tool Listings:
We are happy to list your project management software tool in our comprehensive, searchable database. Simply fill out the Online Tool Listing Form, and we will review and post your listing within two business days. If you are interested in highlighting your tool listing, please contact our Advertising Sales Department for information about Sponsored Tool Listings.

All editorial submissions are subject to our Content Provider Terms and Conditions, available here. Please direct any questions regarding these to Cameron McGaughy.

Thanks, as always, for being a part of the community. If you still require additional information, please don't hesitate to contact our Editorial Staff.


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