Editorial Topic: Advice, Anecdotes and Case Sudies

Advice, Anecdotes and Case Studies

Everyone has a story to share, a lesson to learn, a case to study. Use the wisdom gained from others' experiences to make yourself a smarter, more successful project manager.

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IT Staffing Outlook: Tough Times in 2010

by Michael Wood

For the unemployed or under-employed, 2010 isn't looking as sunny as we would like to report. But here are some job-seeking tips and tricks to help you find your silver lining...and maybe your next position.

Positioning for Recovery

by Michael Wood

Call us optimistic, but we want you to be prepared for the economic comeback that we're sure is just around the corner, or at least somewhere on the horizon. Sooner or later (we hope sooner), this recession is going to recede, and by planning for that now, you can be first in line when management starts handing out all that new funding.

IT's Competitive Advantage

by Michael Wood

Everyone knows that improved IT can give organizations an edge over their competition, right? Actually, the competitive advantage of IT isn't always so obvious. Here's how to identify where IT is giving your company the edge.

Quality Management for Business Success

by Sunil Sharma

During the last few decades, many quality management programs have delivered real benefits to many organizations across the world in a number of areas including cost control, process improvement, customer retention and product development. That is why organizations have embraced the concept of quality management as a key business enabler and a critical success factor.

Quality Control

by Bob Weinstein

IT project managers should be able to learn a thing or two from manufacturing companies, who have taken many paths in order to achieve quality control. How do manufacturers achieve it? With targeted technology.

Business Systems Analysis: It's All About the Business (Part 2)

by Srinath Nagarajan, PMP

In this first article of the series, we examined some common challenges in defining and deploying Business Systems Analysts within organizations. In this second article, we will delve into the current state and examine the project management and organization implications of this conundrum. We hope that these articles will tickle your thoughts and nudge you towards strategically defining or refining the role of business systems analysts in your organization.

IT Project Lessons from Titanic (Part 18)

by Mark Kozak-Holland

As our series continues, we continue to examine what the post-mortem for the failed Titanic project would look like, and how can it help you in today's IT landscape.

Code Yellow

by Sainath Nagarajan, PMP

Have you been at project meetings where the project manager consistently puts the project status at "yellow" even though you see progress being made? Or do you happen to be one of those project managers that believe driving through the yellow light is the safest way to drive your projects? Here's why you should reconsider this practice...

IT Project Lessons from Titanic (Part 17)

by Mark Kozak-Holland

What would the post-mortem for the failed Titanic project look like, and how can it help you in today's IT landscape? Read on as our popular series continues.

Queen of Denile

by Ian Whittingham, PMP

More than 40 years have passed since the debut of an infamous film in Hollywood history, one who's path to the screen proves to be a fitting lesson in project management. It was expected to be a slam-dunk success; but given the circumstances, were people behind the scenes just kidding themselves?


"I must say that I find television very educational. The minute somebody turns it on, I go to the library and read a book."

- Groucho Marx