Editorial Topic: Technology Trends

Technology Trends

Technology can be your friend, if you know what's out there and how best to use it on your project. This section will help you keep up to date on technologies that can make your life easier or much more complicated.

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Back to Basics of Disaster Recovery

by Michael Wood

Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity Planning are no longer optional. Protecting infrastructure and information assets of an organization is one of management's primary duties. Here are some ideas and options for making sure you don't fall down on the job.

Data Center Developments: Enter the Cloud via MDC

by Michael Wood

From data processing centers in the '60s to PC networks in the '80s to this century's Cloud, the systems for managing large amounts of data are coming full circle. Read up on the latest trend: Mobile Data Centers.

What a Difference a Year Makes

by Michael Wood

Staying on top of technology trends is one of the biggest advantages a CIO can grab. Here's a look at what's hot for this year, so you can keep your sites on the ever-moving technology target.

Bringing Data Centers into the Green

by Michael Wood

IT is heading for greener pastures, but how soon, how fast and how green are questions that still need to be addressed. If you're planning to take your IT to the next level of energy efficiency, you need to take a look at your data center.

How Green Does Your IT Grow?

by Michael Wood

Green is beautiful, and it is certainly the color of IT looking into the future. There is a challenge, however, to coordinating the environmental shade of green with the financial one. Here are some thoughts and ideas for greening up your IT initiatives while holding on to the green stuff that pays the bills.

Hot Post-Recession Technologies for 2010

by Michael Wood

With a world economy in recession, there isn't a whole lot of technology spending on the horizon. For an idea of where those precious IT dollars will (and should) be spent, here are the hot technology investments to look forward to in 2010.

Making a Good Case for Virtualization Technologies

by Bob Weinstein

Virtualization as a concept has been around since the 1960s. There are still kinks to iron out, but it has proven itself as a sustainable technology that only improves over time. Today, cost-constrained companies are making a good case for virtualization technologies.

How Acceptable Is Virtualization?

by Bob Weinstein

Despite some initial relunctance to embrace virtualization, companies are clearly coming around to see its advantages. Here are some numbers suggesting that acceptance levels for virtualization technologies have jumped dramatically.

Virtual Applications Achieve Results

by Bob Weinstein

Finding the right virtualization solution can do wonders for your IT organization. It can also be a bit daunting. The good news is that CIOs are discovering that not only are there many solutions out there, but they’re also getting better every year.

New Virtualization Technologies

by Bob Weinstein

Some say that the explosion of digital data and traffic in recent years has made the rise of virtualization all but inevitable. Here's how the industry leaders are creating more sophisticated virtualization options.


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