Customizing Project HEADWAY as your in-house standard

Standardizing on Project HEADWAY - a safe, simple choice

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A Solid Process
Project HEADWAY is the latest iteration of the James Martin & Associates JPACE method, which has been used on tens of thousands of projects since 1981. Project HEADWAY allows you to deliver your projects in a way that is consistent with PMI standards. You can feel confident that Project HEADWAY offers a solid foundation for creating an in-house standard.

Easy Customization
Project HEADWAY was designed to be easily customized in MS Project. Activities can be dropped into or removed from the WBS as needed. Project HEADWAY's deep resources remain linked in and consistently updated in your new process. In-house resources can easily be linked in to new activities you create.

Corporate boards and governmental leaders all want more visibility into what’s happening in your organization. Government regulations such as Sarbanes-Oxley demand it of public companies as well as federal, state and local agencies. The concept of standardizing on a process is pretty simple. If everyone in your organization is delivering projects in the same way, you all have a greater understanding of where things stand. Everyone speaks a common language. We all know what’s going on.

Further leverage your PM software investment
The small, medium and large work breakdown structures that are the backbone of Project HEADWAY are delivered in MS Project, which is the most widely used and most portable PM file format. Most major project, process and portfolio management tool vendors provide translation tools that facilitate easy conversion of Project HEADWAY into their proprietary format. So Project HEADWAY is a natural extension of the substantial investment you’ve already made. In many ways, it’s the small capstone investment that pulls it all together. Like a book binding with missing pages, PM software doesn’t make sense until it’s used with a solid process.

The bottom line? At a cost that is small compared to your investment in training so far, Project HEADWAY will increase the chance your organization’s project will be successful.


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