Enhancing your existing Project Management process with Project HEADWAY

Enhance Your Existing Project Management Process with Project HEADWAY

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How much better could your in-house project management process be...

...if it not only offered descriptions of what to do, but also included tips and tricks your staff would typically only pick up from peers?

...if it were supported by more than 800 deliverable templates?
...if it offered real-world insight into how each project management activity typically plays out in practice?

...if it helped your staff understand the effect that the size of their project and specific project risks have on each project management task?

...if it helped them learn more, becoming better project managers as they deliver each project?

...if it were consistently updated by a staff of experts with no additional in-house overhead?

Would that be worth looking into?

How would Project HEADWAY work with what we have?
On the surface, project management processes tend to have a lot in common. If you simply look at the work breakdown structure, the names of stages, steps and tasks differ somewhat – but what they tell you to do is pretty similar. What sets Project HEADWAY apart is ease-of-use and depth.
So to take advantage of all that Project HEADWAY has to offer, your internal process must be mapped to it. This exercise can be performed by your staff, or we would be happy to help via a brief consulting engagement.

For example, we have a task called "Determine Key Risk Factors and Failure Indicators".

Your process may include a similar task called "Assess Risk" or "Measure Risk" or "Identify Risk Factors". The detailed guidance found in our equivalent task is likely to be nearly or exactly what they need to show your Project Managers what they need to do during that part of the project.

Once the mapping is performed, the detailed guidance in Project HEADWAY is simply linked in to the appropriate activities in your existing process.
What’s the end result?
The end result is that you have a MUCH deeper process that gives your project managers more guidance than ever before. As a corporate member, your suggestions will drive our development and enhancement efforts. We can not guarantee that we will provide every template you need, but your input will play a central role in our decision-making. We are not a faceless corporate entity. gantthead is a community of project managers – the largest in the world. Our focus is on making you more successful in every way we can.

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"Nothing is particularly hard if you divide it into small jobs."

- Henry Ford

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