Project HEADWAY Webinars Project HEADWAY Monthly Webinars Project HEADWAY webinars are interactive online events, led by authors of Project HEADWAY. They focus on specific, practical task-level activities that project managers deal with on nearly every project.

Use these webinars to:

  • Ask questions about applying Project HEADWAY tasks within the context of your project.
  • Easily earn PDUs on a regular basis.
  • Just "sharpen the saw."


They are held every third Thursday of each month at noon Pacific Time, 1 p.m. MT, 3 p.m. ET. Please sign up for the next event by following the link below.

The next webinar is on June 04, 2015 03:00 PM EST: Project HEADWAY: Managing Change: Whose Job Is It Anyway? - Reschedule

Project HEADWAY: Managing Change: Whose Job Is It Anyway? - Reschedule June 04, 2015 03:00 PM EST
Project HEADWAY: Politics & Process: A Guide To Establishing Strategic Alignment June 18, 2015 03:00 PM EST
Project HEADWAY: Managing Innovation: Just An Oxymoron? July 16, 2015 03:00 PM EST

These past webinars are available as Recorded Project HEADWAY Webinars:

Project HEADWAY: A PM’s Guide To Business April 16, 2015 03:00 PM EST
Project HEADWAY: Finding & Being A PM Mentor March 26th, 2015
Project HEADWAY: A Practical Guide To Managing Quality February 19th, 2015
Project HEADWAY: A Pragmatic Approach To Program Management January 15th, 2015
Project HEADWAY: The Next 10 Years: How Will PM Change? December 18th, 2014
Project HEADWAY: The PM Scorecard: What Should You Really Be Focussing On? November 26th, 2014
Project HEADWAY: Lessons In Leadership October 16th, 2014
Project HEADWAY: Beyond the Business Case: Selling Project Intangibles September 25th, 2014
Project HEADWAY: Simple, Not Simplistic: An Essential View Of PM August 21st, 2014
Project HEADWAY: Reinventing The PMO: A Value Added Approach July 17th, 2014
Project HEADWAY: Rethinking How We Manage Change June 19th, 2014
Project HEADWAY: Explaining Project Management In The Boardroom May 29th, 2014
Project HEADWAY: Marketing Ourselves - Career Development for Project Managers April 17th, 2014
Project HEADWAY: Making Steering Committees Work - Strategies For Better Governance March 20th, 2014
Project HEADWAY: Bridging To Agile: Baby Steps Or Big Break? February 28th, 2014
Project HEADWAY: Project Management Software: What Actually Works? January 16th, 2014
Project HEADWAY: The Volunteer PM: PM Practices For Social Projects December 19th, 2013
Project HEADWAY: Learning From Projects – And Making It Stick November 21st, 2013
Project HEADWAY: Tales From The Crypt: Very Scary Projects October 24th, 2013
Project HEADWAY: Training The Senior PM: Where To From Here? September 26, 2013
Project HEADWAY: Negotiating Requirements: How To Get Stakeholder Agreement August 15th, 2013
Project HEADWAY: How Much PMO Support Is Enough? What Is Too Much? July 18th, 2013
Project HEADWAY: When Do You Need A Consultant? When Don’t You? June 20th, 2013
Project HEADWAY: Thinking Agile In Traditional Projects May 16th, 2013
Project HEADWAY: Negotiating The Support You Need From Your Steering Committee April 18th, 2013
Project HEADWAY: Managing Business Process Improvement Projects: How Are They Different? March 21st, 2013
Project HEADWAY: How To Train Your Sponsor February 14th, 2013
Project HEADWAY: Planning for Success: Resolving to be a Better Project Manager January 17th, 2013
Project HEADWAY: Embracing Failure: What I Learned from my Worst Mistakes December 13th, 2012
Rescheduled from 11/15 - Project HEADWAY: The Strategic PM: Aligning our Projects with the Organization November 30th, 2012
Project HEADWAY: Revisiting Portfolio Management: Making it Relevant, Making it Valued October 18th, 2012
Project HEADWAY: Is There Anything New Under the Sun? Opening Up the View of PM September 20th, 2012
Project HEADWAY: Low Impact PM: How Can We Get Out From Under All That Paper? August 16th, 2012
Project HEADWAY: Megaprojects: How Different are They, and What Lessons Do They Offer the Rest of Us? July 19th, 2012
Project HEADWAY: Taking Control: Personal Management Strategies for the Effective PM June 21st, 2012
Project HEADWAY: A Political Primer for PMs: Exercising Influence without Authority May 24th, 2012
Project HEADWAY: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly: Strategies for More Effective Stakeholder Management April 26th, 2012
Project HEADWAY: Are Projects Ready for Social Media? Is Social Media Ready for Projects? March 15th, 2012
Project HEADWAY: A Personal Approach to PM: Adaptation in the Face of Organizational Consistency February 23rd, 2012
Project HEADWAY: Breaking the Triangle: What to Cut When Cuts Loom Over Your Project January 19th, 2012
Project HEADWAY: What's Your Issue? Strategies For Effective Issue Management December 15th, 2011
Project HEADWAY: Getting Closure: Knowing Your Project Is Really Done November 17th, 2011
Portfolio HEADWAY: Monitoring Portfolio Performance: It's Not Just Stapling Status Reports Together October 25th, 2011
Project HEADWAY: Managing the Upside of Risk September 27th, 2011
Change HEADWAY: Planning As If Change Mattered August 16th, 2011
Portfolio HEADWAY: Owning Other Peoples' Choices: Prioritization And Selection of Projects July 19th, 2011
Project HEADWAY: Scheduling: What Comes First? June 21st, 2011
Change HEADWAY: Piloting Change May 10th, 2011
Project HEADWAY: Project Communication in a Social Media World March 15th, 2011
Change HEADWAY: Selling the Dream: Develop a Effective Change Story February 15th, 2011
Portfolio HEADWAY: Whose Bucket is it Anyway? Defining Portfolios to Manage By January 18th, 2011
Project HEADWAY: Where is Your Team Anyway? Facilitating Virtually December 21st, 2010
Change HEADWAY: Verbal Hand Grenades: Words and Their Impact on Change November 16th, 2010
Project HEADWAY: Tools of the 21st Century PM - An Examination of 3 Different Tools Every PM Should Have October 19th, 2010
Project HEADWAY: The Roles On A Project: Who's On First? September 22nd, 2010
Project HEADWAY: Conducting a Meaningful Post Implementation Review - What to Do When the Project Is Done April 20, 2010
Project HEADWAY: The Role of the PMO: Yes Virginia. There is a Santa Claus. March 23rd, 2010
Project HEADWAY: The Project Manager as Coach - What's the Game Plan? February 16th, 2010
Project HEADWAY: Developing a Project Management Community of Practice: Where Should I Go With it? January 26th, 2010
Project HEADWAY: The Greening of Project Management: You Should be the Change December 22nd, 2009
Portfolio HEADWAY: Benefits Realization: Getting What You Expect From a Project November 17th, 2009
Portfolio HEADWAY: Governance & Oversight - Managing Projects From A Portfolio Perspective October 20th, 2009
Portfolio HEADWAY: Selecting the Right Projects: Just Because It Is A Great Project Doesn't Mean It Is The Right Project September 22nd, 2009
Portfolio HEADWAY: Project Portfolio Management - Where Do I Begin? August 18th, 2009
Change HEADWAY: Extreme Project Management - Building the Bridge as You Walk On It July 21st, 2009
Project HEADWAY Webinar: Selling Project Management to Your Organization: Are They Buying? June 16th, 2009
Project HEADWAY: Identifying and Validating Requirements: How The Heck Do I Do This? May 19th, 2009
Project HEADWAY: Managing a Virtual Team: It's More Than Just The Phone April 21st, 2009
Project HEADWAY: Managing the Team Status Updates: Making It More Than A Bored Meeting March 24th, 2009
Change HEADWAY: The Value of the Lessons Learned Exercise: Gaining Understanding From Our Projects February 10th, 2009
Change HEADWAY: Planning for Change: Incorporating Change into a Project January 20th, 2009
Change HEADWAY: Preparing for Change: Knowing When the Organization is Ready December 16th, 2008
Change HEADWAY: What is Change Management? November 18th, 2008
Project HEADWAY: Motivating Project Participants October 09th, 2008
Project HEADWAY: Dealing with Project Issues September 18th, 2008
Project HEADWAY: Obtaining and managing resources August 12th, 2008
Project HEADWAY: Filling the gap - Understanding your team's training needs July 22nd, 2008
Project HEADWAY: Kicking-Off and Communicating the Project June 17th, 2008
Project HEADWAY: Building Your Project Plan May 20th, 2008
Project HEADWAY: Selecting Sellers April 22nd, 2008
Project HEADWAY: Planning Your Contract Approach - How to Build an RFP March 11th, 2008
Project HEADWAY: Procuring on Your Project - Planning Your Contracting Needs February 19, 2008
Project HEADWAY: Planning for Quality January 15th, 2008
Project HEADWAY: Effective Communications Planning December 18th, 2007
Project HEADWAY: Risk Analysis and Response Planning November 20th, 2007
Project HEADWAY: Risk Identification - The Role of Risk in Projects October 23, 2007
Project HEADWAY: Defining Project Resource Requirements September 18th, 2007
Project HEADWAY: Effectively Estimating Effort August 21st, 2007
Project HEADWAY: Effective Use of Project Milestones July 17th, 2007
Project HEADWAY: Determining Activity Dependencies June 19th, 2007
Project HEADWAY: Defining the Work Breakdown Structure May 22nd, 2007
Project HEADWAY: Defining Project Scope April 17th, 2007
Project HEADWAY: Presenting the Business Case for Approval March 20th, 2007
Project HEADWAY: Creating the Business Case February 20th, 2007