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Processes On Demand is a suite of HTML based software solutions for PMO content assets that can be installed in minutes and fully set up in a day. It reduces the time and costs required to set up and manage project management processes for a PMO or "virtual" PMO. It will help you fully use your existing IT infrastructure, project management tools, and share your existing project management knowledge. It enables workplace mentoring, training, and continuous process improvement as well as reduces project management training costs and vendor expense.

gantthead Processes On Demand (gPOD) Solutions

  • gPOD Express
    • PMO Setup, implemented with network files shares or 3rd party vendor product
  • gPOD Redwood
    • PMO Setup, implemented with Microsoft SharePoint
  • gPOD Blue
    • PMO Setup, Implemented with IBM Lotus Quickr

PMO Setup - An Architecture Approach

More and more organizations are implementing a PMO Architecture approach to project portfolio management (PPM) consisting of the following key components:
  1. Collaboration and Document Management - SharePoint (or equivalent)
  2. Project Management Tooling - Project Server (or equivalent)
  3. PMO Processes and Content Assets - Processes On Demand
This approach enables PMOs to fully utilize their existing collaboration platform, along with Processes On Demand for PMO content assets, and the best fit vendor application for project portfolio management. Examples include the following Processes On Demand customer PMO Case Study profiles:

CaseStudies PPM Architecture Components
PPM Collaboration Processes
Fortune 1000 Firms Niku Clarity Documentum POD 5
Mercury ITG Lotus POD 5
Planview SharePoint POD 5
Middle-Market SMEs Project Server SharePoint POD 5
@task SharePoint POD 5
eProject SharePoint POD 5
Government Sector Primavera Lotus POD 5
Project Server SharePoint POD 5
Project Server File Share POD 5
Technology Companies ITM Software QuickBase POD 5
Project Server eRoom POD 5
Project Server File Share POD 5

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