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Started working at the age of 16 as a bank clerk i finally ended up in the IT department of the bank where i participated and later managed a lot of hard- and software rollouts and also did a lot of conceptionell and designing work. One day my boss asked me to participate in a management develope programm and so i did. Then i worked for several years as a teamleader for a bunch of about 10 guys most of the time. Later in that phase of my work life i started particpating in projects ...

MBA, PMP, with 24 years of progressive lateral growth career, focused on project based assignments.

i am 24 years experience in the field of project management.I worked for many years as construction manager and acting project director .I have a Master Degree in Civil Engineering . I am PMP certified.


A PMP® Certified and Construction Professional with Civil Engineering background possessing over 21 years of rich & extensive experience in Project Constructions , Project Management of various Construction Projects in different Sectors viz., Oil & Gas , Refinery , Paper & Pulp , Alternate Energy(Poly silicon) , Infrastructure , Buildings etc. in Oman , Malaysia , Qatar , U.A.E and India. I am also available with the following profile in Linkedin:

Business/Project Manager for either new or existing projects (freelance, hire, remote, on-site). Uniquely qualified for developing new and existing markets, supply chain, and entrepreneurial economic activity across national borders. Every enterprise faces challenges and opportunities. Finding creative paths around road blocks and ways to turn your particular circumstances into avenues for sustainable success is my forte. Let's talk! LinkedIn Profile:

I am a creative, self-motivated entrepreneur with more than 20 years of experience. My educational background is in Law, Engineering, Music & Management. I have more than 15 years of experience in the field of Marketing and Project Management/Development within the Music Industry and the Hispanic market. I want to work and evolve with companies that (in my opinion) share the mentality and culture of having a better life with creativity & music.

Network:305 - "Project Solutions Realized" | Consultant | Trainer | Writer | Educator | Speaker | Entrepreneur

Global experience in the IT covering Software Development Project Management. Project management practices using CMM Level 5 and PMBOK processes. Proficient in agile and waterfall project management methodologies. Managed large project teams and known for high-quality deliverable that meet time line and budgetary goals. Effective team and people management, Strong domain knowledge of Insurance Regulatory, Health Care and QA services. Having experience in Pre-Sale, writing Proposals and RFPs


"Ambition is like a frog sitting on a Venus Flytrap. The flytrap can bite and bite, but it won't bother the frog because it only has little tiny plant teeth. But some other stuff could happen and it could be like ambition."

- Jack Handey