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I've been called the SWAT Team of project management as I'm gifted at quickly spotting project roadblocks and getting things back on track. Project Management is my passion and I love sharing my experience and expertise as well as learning from others everyday. Healthcare is my vocation and I get my energy knowing what I do makes a difference for the patient.

Murray Grooms is a results-oriented, multi-disciplined management consultant. He has a degree in Economics, and holds professional designations as a certified Project Management Professional (PMP), a Certified Management Consultant (CMC) and is certified at the foundation level of ITIL. Murray is adept at managing business initiatives from conception to completion.


Projects exist to create value. They are a means to an end, not an end in themselves. However, the means by which value is created by projects are often complex, risky, highly specialized, and often idiosyncratic--especially when human beings are involved in the process! So what works for one project may not necessarily work for another one. But finding the right project solution to a business problem is what makes project management such a necessary and satisfying challenge for me.


I run The Otobos Group, a communications consultancy specializing in project management. I write The Money Files blog which looks at all aspects of project finances, and A Girl's Guide to Project Management. Find me on Google+.



Program/Delivery Director/Manager managing $25M + programs & portfolio of projects for various companies with geographically remote teams. Teams numbering over 200 members, 40 project managers and dozens of vendors. For example, in 2012 successfully deliver (on time and under budget) over $5 Million of programs and projects while keeping the remaining $9M of programs on track for 2013. I have a solid recipe for success and I DELIVER!

I'm a programme change manager delivering transformational change across software development communities as well as incremental change in a Lean style. As this is close to an internal consultant I'm also active in the Consulting Community of Practice as a Communications Lead. My segment is technology, specifically new product development in telecoms/media and consumer software. I am also the Communications Lead for the Consulting Community of Practice