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An organised graduate of Accounting with six years experience working full-time as an Accounts/Finance Assistant in a Consultancy & part-time as a Deputy Project Manager in a technology company as a Subject Matter Expert with transferable skills of in-depth planning, reporting and project communications, analysing clients’ information, forecasting, budgeting and advising clients on data analysed.

I've been called the SWAT Team of project management as I'm gifted at quickly spotting project roadblocks and getting things back on track. Project Management is my passion and I love sharing my experience and expertise as well as learning from others everyday. Healthcare is my vocation and I get my energy knowing what I do makes a difference for the patient.


Serving as a business partner for the volunteer leadership of PMI communities of practice, supporting them as they develop and deliver planned activities to enhance member value through the exchange of knowledge.

Irfan Shariff is an expert project manager with a passion for delivering exceptional results for his clients. He is passionate about driving the adoption of project management in its entirety in organizations, so that they can utilize it to repeatedly deliver exceptional value to their stakeholders, in the most effective and efficient way. He can be reached at

PMP and CAPM Certified with a work experience of over 10 + years. Presently, working as a Sr. Consultant for CA PPM (


I'm a seasoned IT and project management professional with a Bachelor of Science in IT security with an emphasis on management. I'm now keeping my skills sharp by pursuing a Master of Business Administration in IT management.

At Legrand my mission could be summarize as: “Bring those products to market” The thing I love about my job is to bring to completion projects in an organized and timely fashion; through the team I am a part of. To see that product we all labored for brought to life, being sold and used by people is a great reward indeed.


"I like Wagner's music better than anybody's; it is so loud, one can talk the whole time without other people hearing what you say."

- Oscar Wilde



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