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Marcos Arias PMP, MBA – Director of Data and Voice Customer Experience Marcos Arias is a 20+yr career executive in AT&T Telecom and Internet Services. Experience: Project Management; Portfolio Management; Product Marketing. Education: Catholic University - B.S. Engineering; Georgia Tech - MBA; George Washington University - Masters Certificate in Project Management. Mr. Arias is married and has two children in Atlanta, GA. He enjoys soccer, volleyball, tennis, books, travel, and wine


As the Manager for PMI's Communities of Practice, I work with volunteers and staff to provide knowledge and networking for project management practitioners and PMI members.

As a project manager, I work from a commitment to producing valuable and relevant results, for customers and team members. I bring with me, both advanced technical skills and a grounded business sense. Coupled with an adept communication style, I have an uncommon ability to articulate complex technical concepts in laymen's terms, and I am able to fluidly navigate interactions with end-users, managers, and technologists.

Creating conversation and building community on ProjectManagement.com

I have been called an evangelist for project management, advocating for putting more method to the madness while not just checking off boxes! The effort must result in helping the project team, and organizational leadership, in making better business decisions. Oh, and we have to do all this while having fun!

I'm a technology professional with 20 years experience. I've managed hardware and software projects, directed project managers, and consulted in project management. I have extensive international experience, with projects in EMEA, India, & Japan. I am also an active speaker and writer, with articles in Projects@Work and other on-line magazines. I actively blog at: http://zen-pm.blogspot.com I am also been active in PMI for over 10 years in various volunteer roles.

When not pushing the boundaries of Agile product development on my latest video game, I write about leadership, Agile project management, outsourcing and managing creativity at Sockets and Lightbulbs. Join me at blog.socketsandlightbulbs.com!



"Intelligence is not the ability to store information, but to know where to find it."

- Albert Einstein