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12+ years of experience in Steel and Mine Industry.Engineer with experience in project planning, progress and control & management project in all area of Time & Cost & change & Human Resource & material &Document . Planning and Implementation Systems such as PMBOK and ISO.Auditor & Process Monitoring For Systems.



Since the university - I am graduate in civil engineer - I have been keen on project management subjects. After several years working in the civil engineering field, I decided to approach the project management world. I started in the telecommunication area, specifically in the mobile market working on the start up of several GSM companies in Italy and Spain, where I was involved along the growth period. Today I'm involved as PM in the construction field in various european countries

I am looking for a suitable project manager position where i can leverage my project management knowledge/skills complemented with my people management skills to bring value to the organization and help my team members to grow in their career.

-More than 30 years working on help to organizations survival thanks diferentiation and proactivity. -Nominated SME (Subject Matter Expert) by PMI and IIBA institutes. Because of that I am key participant into congress where methology aspect from both disciplines are defined.


I'm a people-focused program and project manager who gets the job done while working with team members to accomplish their individual growth goals in a trust-based, collaborative environment.

I am an all-weather man - moving freely in domains of my choice i.e Project management to gardening to Programming to Problem Solver of the General Relativity to Goldbach Conjecture ... Engineering Management ( EPC) is my area of expertise . I am a loving father ,loyal husband, and friends of many easy-goers and a Teacher . I like star watching , painting , gardening and story telling ( Blog : My Blue Corals) I am a humourist ( I have a blog of risque/ribald jokes - FunnyJokeFactory24x7)

I am passionate about project management and, more specifically, by PMOs, my topic of research and work in the last 15 years. "PMI Distinguished Contribution Award" recipient in 2011. PMI Leadership Institute Master Class (LIMC) graduate in 2011. As a consultant, professor and researcher, I have studied more than 300 PMOs over the past years, researching on the performance and the value of PMOs worldwide. I have written four books and I have been a speaker worldwide.


"I'll do the stupid thing first and then you shy people follow..."

- Frank Zappa