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I possess about 7 years of leading experience in various Indian and US MNC's for Business Intelligence projects. My IT career is of 9+ years and I have been working in multiple technologies, databases and operating systems. I constantly looked for the better, more interesting and knowledge enriching ways to perform regular or challenging tasks. I have automated many processes in all the assignments I have been associated with. I wish to explore the area of management mixed with my experties


A competent project management professional with huge and rich experience in Banking, FS and Insurance industry. Highly passionate, enthusiastic and well-organized resource. A good manager of resources and time. Successfully leading and mentoring teams for the last 10-15 years in industry and IT environments. A continuous reader and learner. Skilled and certified to meet the industry needs and demands.


Editor in chief of The Fast Track, a blog by Intuit QuickBase for workplace productivity, career and leadership advice. Over 10 years of application lifecycle management and SaaS development tools experience on the industry analyst, marketing and customer success side of B2Bs.

As a project manager, I work from a commitment to producing valuable and relevant results, for customers and team members. I bring with me, both advanced technical skills and a grounded business sense. Coupled with an adept communication style, I have an uncommon ability to articulate complex technical concepts in laymen's terms, and I am able to fluidly navigate interactions with end-users, managers, and technologists.


Combining formal training, industry certification, actual experience and genuine concern to bridge groups working toward meaningful goals. I am a project manager, currently serving the State of Colorado through the Governor's Office of Information Technology (with a long and varied history across the USA and Latin America).

An organised graduate of Accounting with six years experience working full-time as an Accounts/Finance Assistant in a Consultancy & part-time as a Deputy Project Manager in a technology company as a Subject Matter Expert with transferable skills of in-depth planning, reporting and project communications, analysing clients’ information, forecasting, budgeting and advising clients on data analysed.

Senior legal counsel and manager with significant experience in law practice management, business management, legal and business project management, insurance law, federal legal practice and corporate/commercial law. PMP with major national and international legal and business project experience including projects related to quality assurance, information management, risk management, knowledge management, and sustainable development. Member of PMI's Ethics Member Advisory Group.


"Comedy is tragedy - plus time."

- Carol Burnett