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Greetings to all and best of luck on your projects ! I have managed many small and medium sized projects and one large project, looking forward to more project management opportunities. Also completed many team lead assignments.

Intelligent, mature, reliable, hard-working, self-motivated person with integrity, accountability and a sense of humor with good communication skills who works well alone or in a team - in any capacity


My name is Ogunkoya Ayotunde Paul,student major in Agriculture if my country,am from Lagos Nigeria,Africa where am proud to come from an also called my home land. I like going to beaches,camping ,watching movies,dinners, clubs but ever since have lost my dad i stop and listening to musicals as hobbies,My favorite sports are Football,basketball,swimming,reading,going to beach. i would also like to find a like-minded person where we can participate in activities together an encourage each other to pursue their interests as well, also the best approach is to effectively communicate is to use a consistent and respectful approach that shows he or she is worthy been,this leads to more trust and greater self-esteem and independence

Mr. Mack provides a combination of managerial skills and technical skills in the area of software development with an emphasis on agile development practices. His communications skills have allowed him to work effectively throughout the corporate hierarchy, working with stakeholders ranging from operations staff and users to C-level managers.

As president and CEO of Project (formerly, Dave Garrett is dedicated to creating value for the project management community and to the continued growth of Project's media network (Project,, and others), which now reaches nearly 600,000 Project Managers Worldwide. Contact me: For anything you need that's Project Management related. I want us to help in any way we can.

A multi culture senior professional with 33 years of impressive track record of providing leadership to business lines for implementing vision led change, mission critical and strategic change management in the execution of business transformation projects. Comprehensive exposure to the Oil & Gas and Petrochemicals, Civil Defence and Aviation, Banking, Manufacturing and Engineering, such as Portfolio, Program and Delivery Management, PMO Services, Strategy planning and Governance, Quality Manag





"You cannot prevent the birds of sorrow from flying over your head, but you can prevent them from building nests in your hair."

- Chinese Proverb