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Requirements Prioritization Matrix


It's common to have more requirements than can be built with available time and budget. Use this matrix to help prioritize features based on how they score in a number of different categories. Those categories are weighted to reflect the fact that not all categories are equal.

Business Requirements Document: Customer/Client Sign-off Template


All organizations have slightly different terminology and/or methods for tracking the creation, review and approval of project documentation throughout the lifecycle. This template is developed based on executing projects across various following types of projects/firms/environments. The goal of organizations and projects when it comes to tracking sign-off is that it’s about Who, What, When and Why. This template helps you stay on top of all of them. Use this in conjunction with the Business Requirements Report Template to help streamline the process.

Sponsor Checklist: Business Case


The aim of your business case is to gain organizational support and funding approval for an initiative by providing all necessary rationale for informed decision making. You as the sponsor must document the business case after satisfactory analysis has been conducted to understand business need, examine alternatives and conclude recommendations. Use this checklist as a reference in building a better business case.

Project HEADWAY: Beyond the Business Case: Selling Project Intangibles

PREMIUM presentation

In this presentation, Mark Mullaly reviews the challenges of current approaches to business case development. He provides a candid assessment of how business cases are being used today, where the challenges are, and what needs to change in the future. Most importantly, he offers concrete strategies to better present benefits and make the case for your project, and particularly how to evaluate and present the impact of intangible benefits. Invest in attending this webinar; it could have a tangible impact on your future success.

Project Status Meeting Agenda


This agenda template aims to provide a little more structure and focus status meetings on the content that needs to be discussed, removing other elements to more appropriate forums.

Project Assumptions Register


Assumptions have to be made if a project is going to progress, but when those assumptions are made without being consciously noted, they are unlikely to be checked and confirmed or adjusted. This simple template provides a framework for capturing and monitoring assumptions.

Project Closure Report


Projects don’t close themselves--they need to be formally closed off, and this template provides a structure to record the most common project closure elements. This should provide a foundation that you can build upon.

Contingency Plan Template

PREMIUM deliverable

This document summarizes the contingency plan for a risk. This level of formality will not be appropriate for all risks on all projects, but is a useful tool for potentially big impact risks. Every actively managed risk requires a contingency plan even if it is not this formal. When and if the risk triggers, there will be a need for decisive action. This document needs to be clear and complete enough to allow for those steps to be taken without a requirement for further analysis.

Project Management Evaluation Review Report and Worksheet Templates

PREMIUM deliverable

Project Management Evaluation Reviews are formal reviews intended to uncover issues, concerns or challenges that may impact the quality or value results if changes are not made and facilitates resolution for what needs to be improved for successful completion.


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