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PMXPO 2014 Visitor Guide


PMXPO is the largest project management conference and trade show of the year, and it's all online. There are many advantages to attending a virtual expo, and we want to make sure you know how to make the most out of your day--and the months to follow. Here's an overview of what to expect and how to get started.

Process Improvement Plan


The Process Improvement Plan is a component of the project management plan. It details the steps for analyzing project management, product development or organizational processes to identify activities that enhance their value.

Human Resource Management Plan

PREMIUM deliverable

Have you assigned all of the roles and responsibilities for your team? Decided authority levels for various managers? Detailed the organizational structure? Those are just a few of the vital tasks that this plan will help you record.

Milestone List

PREMIUM deliverable

The Milestone List defines all the project milestones and describes the nature of each one. It may categorize the milestone as optional or mandatory, internal or external, interim or final, or in any other way that supports the needs of the project.

Probability and Impact Assessment

PREMIUM deliverable

The Probability and Impact Assessment form contains narrative descriptions of the likelihood of events occurring and the impact on the various project objectives if they do occur. It also has a key to assign an overall risk rating based on the probability and impact scores. If a Risk Management Plan is used, this information will become part of that plan.

Duration Estimating Worksheet

PREMIUM deliverable

A duration estimating worksheet can help to develop duration estimates when quantitative methods are used. This template will help you keep track of parametric estimates, analogous estimates and three-point estimates.

Communications Plan Log

PREMIUM deliverable

Communication is one of the most critical success factors on a project and a strong communication plan will go a long way towards creating a structure of effective communication with all stakeholders. This template provides some basic fields common to all plans but also helps identify each stakeholder’s specific needs.

Assumptions Log

PREMIUM deliverable

For a project to proceed, it is inevitable that assumptions are made. Without them, the project would grind to a halt until all uncertainty was removed. However, in many cases assumptions are made without any further attempt to confirm or correct those assumptions; this can lead to significant downstream project execution difficulties. This template is intended to help capture and track assumptions and the work being done to validate them.

Cost Estimating Worksheet

PREMIUM deliverable

A cost-estimating worksheet can help you develop cost estimates when quantitative methods or bottom-up estimates are developed. Quantitative methods include parametric estimates, analogous estimates and three-point estimates.

Bottom-Up Cost Estimating Worksheet

PREMIUM deliverable

Bottom-up estimates are detailed estimates done at the work package level. Detailed information on the work package and other direct/indirect costs are used to determine the most accurate estimate possible. Use this worksheet to help you keep track.


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