Managing Project Risk


Join Stephen Maye as he walks you through getting a handle on your project's risks. This video features a presentation on identifying potential risks, detailed risk analysis and risk avoidance and mitigation techniques as well as some more intimate conversations with Stephen on his experiences with risk.

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Very important the interpretation of the data around Risk


Well structured content based "in-the-game" experience, expertly delivered.


The delivery style and content are great. Excellent point on not just supplying the data, but interpreting it as well.


Really enjoyed his delivery style and content. There is much to apply.


"Thorough, well balanced analysis"


Valuable information...


It’s no wonder that project managers spend so much time focusing their attention on risk identification.


Impressed the importance of the bigger picture - interpretation of the data around Risk


had good context


"Nearly every great advance in science arises from a crisis in the old theory, through an endeavor to find a way out of the difficulties created. We must examine old ideas, old theories, although they belong to the past, for this is the only way to understand the importance of the new ones and the extent of their validity."

- Albert Einstein